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With burn dressings, you can properly treat injuries caused by fire, scalding liquids, or contact with hot surfaces. Dressings come in different sizes, so you can choose the proper pad for large or small burns. Keep wounds clean and promote healing with easy-to-apply burn dressings.

Sterile Surfaces
Sterile burn dressings help prevent infections that could cause further damage. Keeping a burn wound dressed protects the injured tissue from airborne contaminants and germs that might slow the healing process or cause systemic infections. Individually packaged pads prevent contamination while the dressings are in storage and ensure that each new pad is completely free of dust, debris, and bacteria.

Efficient Relief
Gel-soaked burn dressings start cooling the affected area immediately upon application, relieving the pain of a recent burn and preventing tissue damage from spreading outward from the burn site. Because they don't adhere to the skin, burn dressings don't damage the sensitive tissue surrounding a burn and don't cause excess tearing or pain when they are removed to treat or observe the wound. Larger cotton mesh burn dressings intended for long-term use absorb wound drainage to encourage better healing in tissue with extensive burn injuries, and bulk packs make it easy to carry out frequent dressing changes in a hospital setting.

Emergency Comfort
Emergency burn dressings embedded with healing gels or fluids are designed to temporarily treat burn wounds in the field and keep burn patients stable until they reach a fully equipped medical facility. These dressings have a long shelf life to ensure reliability. Because these dressings can be applied by anyone, including individuals without prior medical experience, they are an essential item for a well-stocked first-aid kit alongside sponges, gauze, and adhesive tape.

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