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CR2 Batteries

CR2 batteries are specialized power cells commonly used for digital and film cameras. They also work with select high-performance flashlights. A CR2 cell is a cylindrical battery that is shorter but wider than an AA battery. This camera battery uses lithium-based cell chemistries and delivers higher voltages than regular cylindrical batteries. Staples® offers a wide selection of CR2 photo lithium cells from multiple battery brands.

Choose CR2 Batteries to Enjoy Longer Shoots
CR2 primary batteries are better than alkaline cells for powering high-drain devices like digital cameras and their flash units. They also have longer shelf lives, lower self-discharge rates, and maintain peak performance at a wider temperature range. These attributes made them ideal for outdoor photography and extended photo shoot sessions. Each CR2 battery has a nominal voltage of 3 volts. It can discharge up to 1000mA of electric current continuously or deliver 2500mA of pulse current. Charge capacities for CR2 cells vary from one brand to another. Most of them can store 750 to 850mAh of electric charge while some specialty 3-volt CR2 cells can hold up to 1400mAh. Units with higher storage capacities provide longer runtime.

Use Fewer Camera Batteries by Switching to Rechargeable CR2 Batteries
Disposable CR2 cells add to landfills and make battery replacement costly for avid photographers. To spend less on batteries, replace single-use cells with rechargeable ones. Rechargeable CR2 camera batteries use lithium-ion cells in place of the lithium ones found in disposable variants. Although they can fully replace regular CR2 cells in cameras, these rechargeable lithium cells have different features. For example, a rechargeable CR2 battery delivers 3.7 volts and has a lower capacity (600 to 800mAh). However, it retains most of its charge capacity for up to 500 recharges. This means that a single rechargeable CR2 cell can replace hundreds of CR2 primary batteries.

Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are also excellent for powering high-drain devices. While all lithium-ion CR2 power cells are camera batteries, not all of them are ideal for powering flashlights. To avoid damaging equipment, do not use 3.7-volt rechargeable batteries in a device designed for 1.5-volt cells.

Do Rechargeable CR2 Batteries Require Special Chargers?
Yes. The unique size of a CR2 cell makes it incompatible with chargers designed for AA, AAA, C, and D batteries. Furthermore, chargers for NiMH and NiCd rechargeable batteries are incompatible with lithium-ion cells.

Are CR2 Batteries Compatible With All Cameras?
No. Not all cameras use CR2 power cells. Those that do have battery compartments designed to house batteries of this size. Consult the camera's owner's manual to confirm that it can run on CR2 lithium batteries.

Can You Mix Disposable and Rechargeable CR2 Batteries?
Although you can combine both primary and secondary CR2 lithium batteries, this arrangement may damage the device. Both types of CR2 cells have different nominal voltages and use different battery chemistries. They also have different power delivery and discharge profiles. The combination can produce voltages and currents above the tolerance range of the electronic device.

Do Rechargeable CR2 Batteries Have Memory Effect Issues?
No. Unlike some other rechargeable batteries, lithium-ion cells do not experience memory effect. Therefore, users do not need to fully deplete them before recharging the batteries.
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