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Cable Tie
Cable ties help organize bundles of cables or wires. Small businesses commonly use the ties to secure wires inside computers or to secure cables at workstations. The ties slip on easily and are secure once in place.

Keep Cables Organized
Ties let you bundle your cables so that they remain in one place instead of gradually spreading out over the floor or desks. This helps prevent accidental trips or unplug incidents due to wayward cables.

Easily Slip Ties into Place
Most ties slip easily into place by pulling one end through the clasp. For even more secure clamps, check out the selection of cable tie guns designed specifically for these products.

Increase Airflow
Computer cooling systems commonly rely on airflow. Proper cabling ensures effective airflow and helps protect electronics from overheating.

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Add to cart GB® Standard Cable Tie, 14", 100/Bag
Add to cart BOX 18 lbs. UV Cable Tie, 6"(L), Black
Add to cart Gardner Bender Cable Tie, Natural, 1000/Bag (46-308MN)
Add to cart Staples 14"L Cable Ties, Heavy Duty, 100/Pack (694159)
Add to cart BOX 18 lbs. Cable Tie, 8"(L), Natural
Add to cart BOX Partners 50 lbs. Cable Tie, 12"(L), Natural, 1000/Case
Add to cart GB® Gardener Bender UVB Cable Ties, 8", 75 lb., 100/Bag
Add to cart Gardner Bender® 17" Heavy Duty Cable Ties, UV Black, 50/Box
Add to cart Gardner Bender® 12" Heavy Duty Cable Ties, UV Black, 100/Box
Add to cart BOX 80 lbs. Cable Tie, 14"(L), Natural