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Canada Dry Ginger Ale Soda, 12 oz., 24/Carton (00078000152166)Canada Dry Ginger Ale Soda, 12 oz., 24/Carton (00078000152166)
Item #349378
Model #00078000152166
  • Ginger ale has a crisp refreshing taste
  • Comes in capacity of 12 oz.
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Canada Dry Diet Ginger Ale Soda, 12 oz., 24/Carton (00078000148169)Canada Dry Diet Ginger Ale Soda, 12 oz., 24/Carton (00078000148169)
Item #349377
Model #00078000148169
  • Ginger ale has a crisp refreshing taste and relieves symptoms of nausea
  • Comes in capacity of 12 oz.
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Canada Dry Lemon-Lime Seltzer, 12 Oz., 24/Carton (00078000165166)
Item #636892
Model #00078000165166
  • Lemon-Lime Seltzer refreshes naturally with great taste
  • 12 oz. cans
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Canada Dry Ginger Ale is a caffeine-free carbonated soda consisting of real ginger and natural ingredients, including high fructose corn syrup for sweetening. The company also makes a diet ginger ale with the same natural ingredients, but with the addition of acesulfame potassium as a calorie-free sweetener, which the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined is safe for consumption by anyone, including pregnant women and persons with diabetes. Staples carries a wide range of breakroom beverages including coffee, K-cups, bottled water, and more.

This soda is a refreshing beverage on its own, plus is a mixer for cocktails. The natural ginger ingredient has food properties that help promote physical well-being. Other products in the Canada Dry lineup include tonic water, club soda, sparkling water and bitter lemon, pineapple and wild cherry beverages.

Canada Dry Ginger Ale Comes in Regular and Diet Versions and Other Flavors
Canada Dry combines ginger ale with various flavor ingredients, in both regular and diet versions, to make other refreshing, thirst-quenching carbonated soft drinks. Choose from blackberry and cranberry ginger ale, as well as a mix of ginger ale and herbal green tea for a fresh twist. Currently, diet cranberry ginger ale is the only alternative to the Diet Ginger Ale. Another product, Canada Dry Ten Ginger Ale, is a 10-calorie carbonated beverage that has a mix of acesulfame potassium sweetener and high-fructose corn syrup. All regular flavors come in a 12 fluid ounce container and have 140 calories, between 35 and 36 grams of sugar and between 36 and 37 grams of carbohydrates. All 12 fluid-ounce diet versions are noncaloric with zero carbs and sugar. Canada Dry Ten has 2 grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of sugar.

Natural Ginger Has Several Health Benefits
Ginger root has a long history of treating individuals for after-meal discomfort, known as dyspepsia. Ginger root and tea also stimulate blood circulation and has anti-inflammatory properties, and is a side remedy for colds, flu, headaches, toothaches and fevers. The high fructose corn syrup that goes into Canada Dry's ginger ale is a corn-based sweetener that is a substitute for processed sugar.

Canada Dry Practices Corporate Social Responsibility
Canada Dry's motto, We Do Good Things with Flavor, reflects five areas of socially responsible corporate behavior. In the workplace, It promotes a sound and safe environment, with employee hiring programs to encourage diversity and employee wellness. Canada Dry also sources its ingredients and bottling materials ethically through high-quality supply chains and follows an environmental sustainability pledge to promote recycling, PET-minimal package and bottle design and energy-efficient equipment for vendors. The company also runs an Action Nation philanthropic organization that works at the community level and is committed to the well-being of customers with continued innovation in consumer health and awareness.

This is a leading carbonated soft-drink beverage and mixer that includes natural ingredients. Canada Dry Diet Ginger Ale contains natural ingredients with the addition of an artificial sweetener approved by the FDA. Other ginger-ale blends by Canada Dry carry have a similar mix of natural ingredients that produce a soft drink that is dry and crisp, refreshing and flavorful. Try some of the energy drinks Staples carries to stay alert and focused throughout the day.