Candy, Gum & Mints

Sweet, Affordable Morale Boosters - Show off your sweet side with an array of gummies, chocolates, and hard candies that put smiles on your employees' faces. Give your clients something to remember you by with individually wrapped lollipops and mini chocolates. Equip your reception desk or take some sweets to conferences on the road.

Enjoy a Huge Variety
Candy-lovers can enjoy a delicious variety of sweets perfect for the home or office. The selection offers traditional chocolate bars such as Snickers, Milky Way, Big Hunk, M&M, and Ritter. Show your clients how important their business is to you by sending thank-you baskets filled with jellybeans, chocolate roses, and handcrafted truffles. Order shaped chocolate that fits your business's personality to show off your spunky side.

Healthier Options for Everybody
Please your employees and customers' sweet teeth with a variety of healthier candy alternatives to the traditional candy selection. You can find gluten-free, sugar-free, nut-free, and fat-free options that deliver a fulfilling taste, but satisfy anyone with a dietary restriction. Selections from Haribo, Three Musketeers, Ferrara, Black Forest, Charms, Organic, Jelly Belly, Guittard, and SweetWorks offer gluten-free candies. Individually wrapped candies from Sixlets, Cadbury Adams, Arway, and Hotlix provide nut-free options that protect individuals with allergies from cross-contamination between sweets.

Stock Up the Office Breakroom
Turn a boring breakroom into a social atmosphere with a selection of hard candies, licorices, gums, mints, suckers, candy bars, and jellybeans that liven the office morale. Candy comes in large, family-sized bags or packs to help you save on cost while pleasing your staff. Gum packets come in easy-to-use dispensers that offer individual pieces of gum, or packets with several pieces of gum perfect for your employees' desks.