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The right office desk has plenty of space for your work and storage room for supplies. Staples® has a wide variety of desks for both homes or offices.

Choosing the Right Office Desk for Work or Home
The right desk for an office fits the space without making the room look cluttered. In rooms with little space, corner desks fit into tight corner spaces to give people a place to work. Larger offices use units with hutches or overhead cabinets that create storage space and a place to sit and perform tasks comfortably. The right office desk matches the decor of the home or office, whether it's contemporary, modern or rustic.

Features of Different Desk Designs
Wooden units have sturdy bodies that match the decor of traditional homes. Different stains make each desk colored or tinted to a tone suitable for the room. Metal designs have an industrial look, while glass designs fit into a room without making it look too bulky or large for the space. Desks with casters roll when necessary, while those with casters and locks stay in place. Desks with hutches have extra storage space, and models with roll tops or doors close up when not in use.

What Kinds of Desks are There?
Some of the most common include corner units, desks with hutches, computer desks, writing desks and drawing desks. Corner units fit into a corner and may be triangular or extend alongside each wall for extra space. Hutches provide extra storage space for organizational needs. Computer tables have various features from monitor stands to cut out holes for cords that make electronics easier to set up in the space. Writing desks have flat surfaces for even writing. Drawing desks are adjustable. These units, also known as drafting tables, make sure perspective isn't affected by the angle of the surface. They benefit architects and others working with images and drawings.

Why Choose Standing Desks?

Standing desks reduce the pressure on the disks in the back compared to sitting in an unsupported position which may help to reduce back pain. They can also help to improve posture and reduce eye strain as users don't have to hunch over to see a computer screen.  In addition, studies have shown that standing at a desk rather than sitting all the time can help to increase energy levels, improve the mood and boost productivity. 

Why Should you use Adjustable Desks?
Adjustable height desks angle to the positions that work best for the user. Alternating between sitting and standing positions encourages better health by reducing the pressure put on the body over the course of a long work day. Regular movement helps the body adjust itself to diffuse tension. Adjustable units may move up or down in height or tilt forward or back. Flat desks, for instance, may not provide the best angle for reviewing blueprints or visual documents, so angling the desktop by tilting it forward may make documents more accurate. When the desk flattens down, it supports computers or devices without a risk of those items sliding off the surface.

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