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Caribou Blend
Caribou Blend Coffee, Keurig® K-Cup® Pods, Medium Roast, 44/Box (357453)Caribou Blend Coffee, Keurig® K-Cup® Pods, Medium Roast, 44/Box (357453)
Item #2124056
Model #357453
  • Coffee K-Cups for Keurig brewers
  • Medium-roast coffee with Caribou Blend flavor
44/Box ($0.54/Pod)
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Founded in 1992, Caribou Coffee brings a variety of flavors to casual drinkers and connoisseurs alike. They source 100 percent Arabica coffee beans from several countries including Costa Rica, Colombia, Ethiopia and Guatemala, seeking Rainforest Alliance Certification on every blend. Shoppers at Staples will find small and large coffee package options to stock a home or office.

Variety of Roasts
Caribou has many blends that include light, medium and dark roast varieties. You can purchase them in fine or coarse ground format, or opt for whole beans to grind at home for a fresher cup or pot. Their regular flavor is a medium roast that offers a big-bodied taste, making it an ideal beverage throughout the day. Light roast varieties include Starlight, which has a subtle ripe berry and maple candy flavor with hints of a nutty blend, and Guatemala San Martin Jilotepeque, which combines the fruity flavor of dates with coconut nectar.

Those looking for a bold flavor will find Mahogany, a blend that holds the deep-rooted Sumatra coffee flavor with a subtle hint of vanilla and soft floral notes followed up by the richness of molasses. Cross Fox Espresso has a sophisticated profile with elements of chocolate and caramel, while Mocha Java delivers a fruitier note with undertones of blueberries and honey. In addition to the regular blend, Cross Fox Espresso, French Roast and Daybreak Blend all come in decaf for you to enjoy a cup or two without the added caffeine.

K-Cup Convenience
Those looking for a convenient option, without the need to handle grounds or filters, will find Caribou's Coffee K-Cups to be a suitable solution. They work with Keurig individual and carafe brewers to brew a single cup or a 4-cup pot for multiple drinkers. Available varieties include the regular, Daybreak Morning, Mahogany and Obsidian varieties, with regular available in caffeinated and decaf versions. Easy to use, they fit right in the filter basket, and you can toss them in the garbage immediately after brewing. Use them to brew 6, 8 or 10-ounce cups of coffee depending on how strong you like it. Shoppers can buy small boxes of 18 or 24 cups, or opt for larger cartons that contain 96 each.

Office and Breakroom Use
Companies looking to carry Caribou Coffee can try the fractional packs that come in several varieties. The beans are turned into ground coffee, with one bag providing enough for an 8-cup carafe. Users simply cut the bag open and empty the contents into a filter for a no-fuss solution that creates an equal brew every time. They come in large boxes of 42 bags for busy offices, though they work equally well in homes, too.

Variety Packs and Samplers
If you're looking to sample the available flavors before committing to an entire pound or box of K-Cups, the sampler and variety packs give you plenty of options. Sampler K-Cup packages come in a box of five while sampler packs of ground coffees include those in the same roast spectrum, with your choice of grounds or beans.