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Prevent urine backflow and potential trauma to the urethra without restricting patient movement by using catheter securement devices and leg straps. Lightweight and easy to deploy, these basic tools aid in overall catheter and tube care. They hold tubing in place to stop shifting and exfiltration.

Adheres To Skin
Adhesive securement devices are pliable and meld to any contours, reducing discomfort within attachment sites like the inner thigh. Each adhesive device has an opening for accepting a tube and allowing subsequent access to the indwelling urinary catheter tube. These are a low-cost, disposable option. Their weight and size makes them store and transport well.

No-Fuss Removal
Velcro and foam leg straps are a low-maintenance alternative for those who don't enjoy adhesive against their skin. Extending around the circumference of the thigh, the leg strap's smaller comfort strap keeps the catheter tube oriented yet enables it to move with the patient, preventing bladder traction. Soft to touch and discreet, you can remove and change Velcro leg straps within minutes. At the end of the day, toss the strap into the laundry and grab a fresh one.

Stable Position
Dislodged catheter tubes can lead to urethral inflammation, irritation, and trauma. Indwelling urinary catheter stabilizers prevent these scenarios. The stabilizer's small clasps gently lock tubes into position without obstructing the flow of fluid. The adhesive stabilizer pad is good for up to seven days. You can clean the stabilizer pad daily with alcohol prep pads.

Avoid the risk of latex allergies and the spread of germs with latex-free, sterile catheter securement devices. Keep your clinic, hospital, or medical facility conducive to health and to the well-being of your colleagues and patients.

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