Urology & Ostomy

Make sure you have everything you need to collect urine samples and treat urological problems with urology and ostomy supplies. These products are well suited for general practices, specialty clinics, and urgent-care centers. Ensure successful home visits by keeping a stock in your medical kit.

With the right supplies, patients can maintain their privacy and dignity, ensuring compliance with the treatment plan you prescribed. Because well-made urology and ostomy supplies don't create unsightly bulges under clothing, your patients can wear them with confidence. These products make it simple to hide the fact your patients use catheters or have ostomy wounds on their skin.

Urology and ostomy products such as adjustable leg straps prevent tubing and other medical supplies from rubbing against the skin, reducing irritation and improving comfort. These straps also have adjustable bands to accommodate patients with swelling or limb injuries. Leg straps are ideal for home-health businesses, rehabilitation facilities, and urology clinics.

Infection Prevention
Patients with in-dwelling catheters have an increased risk of infection, so use external catheters whenever possible. Straight catheters are available for patients who perform intermittent catheterization at home, or choose catheter trays in case you need to catheterize a patient in your office. With disposable supplies and proper use of vinyl gloves, disinfectants, and appropriate waste receptacles, it's possible to reduce the risk of infection.

Reduced Complications
Prevent urine from backing up into the kidneys by purchasing drainage bags with a built-in anti-reflux device. Not only does this device help urine drain into the collection bag, it also makes it easy to see how much urine a patient produces and detect any abnormalities.