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Look professional and crisp while you feel cool and comfortable in professional chef coats, shirts, and hats. Choose coats and shirts with special features such as thermometer pockets and hidden cooling vents. Top your look off with anything from a traditional toque to a cool beanie.

Stylish Chefs Stay Cool
Comfortable short-sleeved shirts come in sizes ranging from extra small to four times extra large and have cooling vents under the arms and down the sides. Choose chef shirts in black if you work in a kitchen that's on display to the public, and enjoy the hidden vents that keep you cool over the stove. Easy snap closures add comfort and convenience to these machine-washable shirts.

Keep the Kitchen Professional
Short-sleeved double-breasted chef coats keep you looking professional and feeling cool; a handy thermometer pocket lets you test food temperatures conveniently, and the option of a red shirt lets you spice things up in the kitchen. Traditional double-breasted chef coats feature knotted cloth buttons and wide fold-back sleeves, or you can choose a twist on tradition by opting for a similar style coat in black complete with thermometer pocket; chef coats designed specifically for women are available as well. Accessorize your jacket with all the food safety tools you require, including food thermometers and oven mitts.

Top Off Looks With a Hat
Traditional chef's toques are available in dazzling white with adjustable Velcro closures to keep them comfortable. If you prefer something more casual, choose from vented skull cap beanies with convenient Velcro closures or expandable elastic to let the hats rest securely on your head, and some have hidden interior terry-cloth sweatbands to keep you looking professional in the kitchen. For a casual restaurant, stock up on disposable pleated paper chefs' hats to look professional without running up big cleaning bills.

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