Restaurant & Foodservice Supplies

Equip your restaurant with quality foodservice supplies

Having the right restaurant supplies and foodservice supplies is extremely important to keep your establishment running smoothly. From smallwares like utensils and cookware to custom restaurant supplies tailored to your brand, we have everything you need to meet your unique requirements. Our restaurant apparel offers comfort and professionalism for your staff, while our disposable food packaging ensures convenient and hygienic service. Explore our range of restaurant supplies designed to streamline operations, and browse our selection of pizza supplies, restaurant janitorial products and bar supplies for a well-equipped establishment. You can create a successful and efficient foodservice operation with our commercial refrigeration options, concession stand supplies, and high-quality restaurant equipment. Trust Staples for all your restaurant supply needs.

Keep your kitchen organized with restaurant storage

Running a restaurant requires effective storage and transport solutions to keep ingredients fresh and dishes moving smoothly. Our restaurant storage options include shelving, racks, and containers designed to maximize space and keep your kitchen organized. Our storage solutions provide durability and practicality, whether you need to store dry goods, perishable items, or bulk supplies. Additionally, our transport options, such as food carriers, insulated bags, and catering supplies, ensure that your prepared food stays at the proper temperature during delivery or off-site events. Trust Staples' restaurant storage and transport solutions to keep your kitchen running efficiently.

Enhance your dining space

The ambiance of your restaurant plays a crucial role in providing a comfortable and welcoming dining experience. Staples offers a wide range of restaurant furniture, including chairs, tables, booths, and bar stools, to suit various styles and layouts. Choose from our selection of durable and stylish options that complement your establishment's theme. Complete the dining experience with our tabletop supplies, including dinnerware, glassware, flatware, and linens. From elegant fine dining settings to casual eateries, our tabletop supplies provide functionality and aesthetic appeal. Elevate your restaurant's atmosphere with Staples' restaurant furniture and tabletop supplies.