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Chenille Benches & Beam Seating

Keep your visitors comfortable by adding a plush chenille bench to your home or office seating. Benches upholstered with chenille fabric are available in different designs and colors and often bear decorative patterns. The soft tufted texture of this woven fabric has an eye-catching look that improves the aesthetic appeal of bench seating. You can find a large inventory of this type of furniture at Staples®.

Choose From a Wide Selection of Bench Designs
A bench is a versatile item that can replace a chair, stool, or coffee table. You can use it in your bedroom, living room, hallway, and even outdoor areas. Offices can also increase available seating in their waiting rooms with the right benches. For residential purposes, benches range in size from single-seat vanity units to long chairs placed around dining tables. You can use an accent model as a centerpiece of your home interior or add a touch of comfort and luxury with a lounger-styled chenille bench.

Regular benches serve as basic seating and do not have armrests or backrests. Some entryway and bedroom benches do have armrests at their far ends. These can double as headrests and footrests while reclining in them. There are also benches with backrests. These keep occupants comfortable by allowing them to lean back. Choose one of these designs if you need a bench to replace your couch.

Pick a Chenille Bench Frame That Complements Your Decor
Most benches upholstered with chenille have wooden frames. Wood is an excellent choice for furniture because of its natural brown tone, fine grain, and strength. Choose a bench with a hardwood frame if you want one with a high weight capacity. Furniture made from hardwoods like oak and mahogany are stronger and more durable than those crafted with softwoods and MDF. Wooden benches complement rustic, cottage, and traditional decors. For a lightweight bench you can easily move around, get one with an aluminum frame. Aluminum is also strong and its shiny chrome-like finish goes well with contemporary, modern, minimalist, and industrial decors.

Do You Need Storage Benches?
Storage benches have compartments, drawers, or shelves built in underneath their seats. These spaces are available for stowing away items ranging from books and magazines to shoes and wine bottles. A storage bench is an excellent piece for a cramped space. It replaces multiple chairs and wall shelves. With one, you can easily keep a room tidy and organized while keeping frequently used items within quick reach.

What Is the Difference Between Chenille Fabric and Chenille Yarn?
Chenille can refer to a specific fabric that goes by that name or a yarn, made of other types of fabrics, that looks like chenille. Furniture manufacturers usually make chenille bench upholstery covers from cotton, wool, rayon, silk, acrylic, olefin, or a combination of these fabrics. The finished yarn is soft, feathery, and velvety like the real fabric.

How Do You Clean Chenille Bench Upholstery Fabric?
Chenille is a delicate fabric that requires a special cleaning procedure. As a high-pile upholstery material, you should remove dirt and dust from it with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner. To remove stains, follow the cleaning steps provided by the chenille bench manufacturer. If there are no instructions, look for a tag on the upholstery cover. If it has a W tag, use a mild soap solution for cleaning. An S tag means you can use a solvent-based cleaner. If you see an SW tag, use either soap water or solvent cleaner. An X tag indicates you should use neither.
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Powell® Jamestown Chenille Fabric Deep Cherry Landing Bench, Beige
Item: 66939 / Model : 987-369
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  • Beige chenille fabric - 55% polyester, 45% cotton upholstery
  • Dimensions: 20 1/4"H x 20 1/4"W x 16 1/2"D
  • rubber wood and pine wood 4 cabriole legs
120.39 $120.39