Classroom Decorations

Creating the ideal atmosphere with bulletin boards, poster sets and charts helps your students get the most out of your time with them. Staples has classroom decorations and school supplies for teachers that love to help their students learn and grow. Get bulletin board borders and other teaching supplies your students need to help them excel and enjoy their time in the classroom!

What Are Classroom Decorations?

Classroom decorations are decorative items that help personalize a classroom and make it feel fun and inviting. These decorations include items such as flags, hooks and magnets, name tags, decorative accents and board sets, bulletin board borders, and graphic letters and numbers. School classroom decorations allow teachers to add pops of personality and color so kids feel comfortable in a fun learning environment.

Why Use Classroom Decorations?

Classroom decorations are not only perfect for giving students a glimpse into their teacher’s personality, but they’re also great for showing what kind of class you’re going to teach. For example, a science teacher would likely want to use stickers and decor depicting scientific equipment, whereas a music teacher would want to display musical instruments and notes. Classroom decorations are also perfect for allowing students to participate in making their classroom come to life, as certain projects that make use of classroom decorations (for instance, a project that uses select decorative accents and board sets) allow students to add their own mark to their learning space.

What Kind of Classroom Decorations Should You Buy?

Finding the perfect decorations for classroom use is easy at Staples! Keep in mind the size of your classroom and how much space you have to decorate. Though you want to add enough personality and color to make the space stimulating and fun, you don’t want it to be overwhelming and distracting. Consider the following factors.

Student Age

Elementary school-aged students are more likely to be engaged by brighter colors and playful pictures, such as a colorful bulletin board trim and border. Younger students are also more likely to benefit from school classroom decorations that teach them their letters and numbers. As younger students generally have shorter attention spans, bright decorations can help keep their attention in the classroom.

Class Subject

The perfect decorations for your classroom vary depending on the subject you’re teaching as well. You may want to let the subject you teach determine the theme of your classroom decorations, like numbers for math and books for english. If you’re teaching a history class or an American politics class, your space might benefit from an American flag. If you’re teaching a foreign language class, name plates or desk tags would likely be helpful in teaching the students what their name might sound like in the foreign language they’re studying.