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Bar Soap
Shop a range of body soaps & cleansers from leading industry brands. Find soaps, cleansers and lotions in bulk quantities to ensure that your break room, public restrooms, kitchen, and other spaces are always fully stocked for employee and customer use and convenience.

Money-Saving Bulk Packaging
Make every dollar count by saving big on bulk-packaged body soaps & cleansers. Keep lots of soap on hand so that employees can maintain good hygiene, or buy in bulk to stock patient rooms, restrooms, and other areas. From antibacterial hand sanitizers to pre-moistened washcloths and other personal care products, buying in bulk allows you to get the most for your money.

Industry-Leading Brands
Select some of the most-sought-after products in the industry from brands you know and trust with a history of producing high-quality products that meet or exceed expectations. Shop products that are specific to particular institutions, including foaming cleansers for those with limited mobility or hand sanitizers that allow staff to disinfect their hands quickly in between working with different patients.

Standard Format Packaging
Our bulk packs of body soaps & cleansers are designed to fit in most standard dispensers, so you can easily integrate them into your current inventory, and use them with your existing dispensers. Select drop-in packages of soap and lotion to refill wall-mounted soap dispensers and streamline the maintenance requirements for keeping the dispenser at full capacity and ready for use. Stock up on antiseptic towelettes for employee convenience in a broad range of applications, or buy bulk lots of bar soap for patient care packages.

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Add to cart Wet-Nap® Hands and Face Cleansing Wipes (NICM970SHPK)
Open Safeguard Bar Soap, Scented, 4 Oz., 48/Carton (8833)
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Reg.  $54.99
Add to cart Safeguard Bar Soap, Scented, 4 Oz., 48/Carton (8833)
Reg. Price$54.99
**While supplies last. May not be valid in combination with other offers. Offer subject to change. Offer Expires on 12/31/2099
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Add to cart Dove® Beauty Bar Soap, White, 3.17 oz. Bar, 3 Bars/Pack (04090)
Add to cart Freshscent™ Face & Body Bar Soap
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Add to cart Dial Bar Soap, Scented, 2.5 Oz., 200/Carton (00098)
Add to cart First Aid Only® SmartCompliance™ Refill, Castile Soap Wipes, 10/Box (FAE-4014)
Add to cart Skintegrity® Luxury Moisture Foaming Soaps, 33 4/5 oz, with Fragrance, 6/Pack
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Add to cart First Aid Only Cleansing Pads; Smart Compliance, Castile Soap Towelettes, 10/Box (FAO4004)
Add to cart Duraview® Antimicrobial Hand Soaps, 67 3/5 oz, Bag/Cartridge, 4/Pack
Add to cart PDI® Castile Soap Towelettes, 1000/Pack