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Honey Can Do Drawers For Hanging Closet Organizer, beige (SFT-01255)Honey Can Do Drawers For Hanging Closet Organizer, beige (SFT-01255)
Item #231293
Model #SFT-01255
  • Natural
  • Durable canvas
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Honey Can Do Short Hanging Storage Closet, White/Clear (SFT-01415)Honey Can Do Short Hanging Storage Closet, White/Clear (SFT-01415)
Item #231299
Model #SFT-01415
  • White/clear
  • Durable and breathable material
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Closet systems provide a logistical, organized way to hang clothing, shoes, and other apparel and accessories. The systems can serve as exterior standalone organizers in living spaces with narrow closet space, or substitute for the interior of existing closets. Most of the closet organizer systems are modular, with adjustable shelving. Different width and height options are available. Other organizers are dual-hanger systems that free up horizontal space in your closet. All organizers from Staples let you consolidate the space you normally have for clothing, giving you access to more daily apparel options and keeping wardrobes freshly draped and arrayed.

Closet systems are available as adjustable, standalone units
Several organizer options consist of full rail and shelf units that come in several different dimensions for specific spaces, including narrow tower units, squat console-style storage, or full side-by-side arrangements. Most of the available units come with steel rails and stiles, each with 1-inch-spaced slots that secure notched, adjustable MDF shelving. The undersides of the shelves contain two opposing channels where you can insert a hanging bar to create space for arranging apparel by length. The units are available with three, four, or seven shelves, so they'll fit any living space, whether dorms, apartments, or homes.

The standalone units are strong and attractive
Each closet system shelf consists of medium-density fiberboard, nestled in a steel frame, with a weight rating of 250 pounds. Height-adjoining rails come with slotted steel plates for vertical stability, and rivets secure the top and bottom shelves with the rails and stiles. All steel shelf frames, stiles, and rails are powder-coated, many in white or designer brown, not only for a lasting finish that resists corrosion and is easy to clean but also for an attractive accent that matches any interior decor.

What other closet organizer systems are available?
Some closet organizer systems consist of zippered garment bags in breathable material, for bulk hanging of suits, jackets, and other waist-length clothes. The bags have dual external hangers for supporting the bag on the existing closet bar. The hangers attach to an upper metal frame that maintains the breadth of the garment bag and supports an internal metal bar for hanging your clothes. The bag keeps garments safe from airborne debris, odors, and moths.

Other closet systems include dual hooks and straps that hang from your existing closet bar and contain an additional lower bar to provide a two-tier hanging system to take advantage of the full height of your closet. The lower bar is adjustable at three height settings, so you can hang garments of different lengths while also using the existing closet bar for waist-length clothing.

Are the adjustable units and shelves easy to put together?
Yes, the rails and stiles are already secured in place, so all you have to do is connect the notched shelving into the available slots on the rails. Many adjustable shelving units come as kits with an accompanying urethane-head hammer to drive the notches securely into their slots without marring the MDF shelving.

What are some of the dimensions of the shelves?
The various shelving units provide a good range of dimensions for different types of living spaces. The tower-style, three-shelf unit, and the full double-sided seven-shelf unit measure about 6.8 feet in height. The seven-shelf unit is double the width of the three-shelf unit, 62.98 inches versus 31.49 inches. The shorter four-shelf unit is about 4.9 feet in height, with the same width as the three-shelf unit. Each shelf has a depth of 15.7 inches, deep enough to house shoes and stacks of folded apparel.

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