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Coated Flap Disc Abrasives

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Sanding your work with coated flap disc abrasives is an important part of woodworking. It helps prevent splinters, and it can help promote the adherence of glues and paints. Find the right abrasives for your project in this section.

Easily Finished Woodworking
Wire brushes make it easy for you to add texture to a piece. You can smooth out the work and make sure your edges are clean with coated flap disc abrasives.

Brands You Can Trust
Brands such as POLIFAN, Tiger, and CGW give you a choice of whose products you use. Choose a brand you trust, and enjoy durable tools you can use for your projects.

Variety of Choices
You have a choice of different sizes of coated flap disc abrasives, so you can finish your project correctly. With different grades of grit available, sanding is easier than ever. Trending Links:
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Add to cart Big Cat® 7 in (OD) 27 High Density Flat Style ZrO2 Flap Disc, 60 (Medium), 5/8-11 inches Arbor
Add to cart Weiler® Vortec Pro® 804-31353 4 1/2" 120Z Abrasive Flap Disc (804-31353)
Add to cart WEILER Non-Woven Surface Conditioner Disc Ao-Coarse
Add to cart Weiler® 31315 Vortec Pro® 4 1/2" Abrasive Flap Discs, Angled, 60Z Grit (804-31315)
Add to cart NORTON High Density Abrasive Flap
Add to cart WEILER Tiger Disc Abrasive Flap Disc, Angled, Phenolic Backing, 80 Grit
Add to cart Tiger® 7 in (OD) 29 Angled Style ZrO2 Flap Disc, 60 (Medium), 5/8-11 inches Arbor
Add to cart WEILER Abrasive Flap Disc, Flat
Add to cart WEILER Tiger Al-tra CUT Discs