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When you are working with old, corroded, or dirty surfaces, scratch brushes can make the job easier. The heavy-duty bristles help you remove years of damage on wood or metal. Scratch brushes come with curved handles in either plastic or wood for a comfortable fit.

Scratch brushes from brands like Weiler and Anchor Brand are made with bristles of carbon steel or stainless steel, so they are strong enough to remove even tough corrosion. With a variety of bristle lengths available, you can find a brush for every job.

Comfortable Use
When you are selecting from the available scratch brushes, you can choose from a number of ergonomic handle styles. From curved wooden handles to wide, block-style handles, the right option can make any job more comfortable.

Our scratch brushes are available with wooden or plastic handles, both of which are lightweight and easy to hold. To protect your hands during long hours on the job, use high-dexterity gloves.

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Add to cart Weiler® Curved Plastic Handle Straight Black Nylon Bristle Small Hand Scratch Brush, 1/2 in (L) Trim
Add to cart Weiler® Curved Wood Handle Crimped Brass Bristle Small Hand Scratch Brush, 5/8 in (L) Trim
Add to cart WEILER Small Hand Scratch Brushes
Add to cart Weiler® Curved Wood Handle SS Bristle Small Hand Scratch Brush, 5/8 in (L) Trim
Add to cart ADVANCE BRUSH Curved Handle Scratch Brush
Add to cart Magnolia Brush Black Flagged-Tip Polystyrene Bristle Flagged Radiator Brush, 2 in Trim
Add to cart AMPCO SAFETY TOOLS Scratch Brush
Add to cart Ampco® Curved Handle Scratch Brush, 1 1/8 in (L) Trim
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Add to cart Carlisle® Counter & Radiator Brush, Horsehair Blend, 2 1/2" Bristle Length, Black, Each (3622503)
Add to cart WEILER Shoe Handle Scratch Brushes