Coates Willow Charcoal 7 Mm - 9 Mm Thick Box Of 12 (1003)

Item #: 2135000 | Model #: 16327

About this product

The Coate family has specialized in the cultivation of willow in Southwest England since 1819, and for more than 30 years they have been producing the world's finest artists willow charcoal. The very best willow rods are selected from each crop to be used in the production of this charcoal. The willow is not compressed and is sorted and burned in its natural diameter and shape, slight variations are characteristic. This creates a charcoal with a velvety smooth stroke and rich, deep black hue consistent throughout the different sizes. Particularly favored by artists who want the widest range of tonal value to produce the most captivating works. Unsurpassed in imparting artistic vision in sketch form, from gesture sketching to blocking out a painting.

  • Uncompressed, and burned in its natural diameter and shape
  • Produces a velvety smooth stroke
  • Rich, deep black hue
  • Offers a tremendous range of tonal value
  • size: 7 mm - 9 mm
  • style: thick
  • unit: box of 12