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Keeping coffee grounds, pods and filters organized helps streamline the brewing process in homes and busy offices. Coffee dispensers and organizers come in a variety of sizes and styles with multiple configurations for a myriad of environments. Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or a casual drinker, you'll find an organizer or dispenser that works for your needs at Staples.

Countertop Models Increase Convenience
Coffee dispensers and organizers are made from durable materials that stand up to consistent use. Plastic trays are good for busy, high-traffic areas and come in several configurations. Many have dividers and multiple slots to hold separate components. Larger slots easily hold stacked cups and lids, while smaller ones have room for sugar or sweetener, creamer cups and stirrers. Some have an upright design with a canister to hold napkins and slide-out drawers to contain larger items. Those looking for a space-saving design should consider a coffee dispenser that has swing-out drawers. Grips make the drawers easy to open, and removable dividers make it easy for users to store pods, sugar packets and teabags inside for added versatility.

Wire racks have a sturdy construction and come with one or more tiers. Some have wider bases that get narrower towards the top while others are uniform in size. If you're looking to combine coffee with art, try a collage storage unit. It mounts to the wall and has several open spaces to insert the pods with a geometric design that adds a decorative element. Wall-mountable units make excellent solutions for small breakrooms or kitchens, and they keep coffee supplies at eye level. Some incorporate a cork or chalkboard and double as a message hub where people can leave notes for others.

Under-Machine Storage Helps Conserve Space
Offices and homes that use Keurig or other automated coffee makers can save space by purchasing a coffee organizer that goes under the machine. These units have drawers with dividers with enough space to hold K-Cups, Nespresso capsules or VUE pods for individual cups, travel mugs and carafes. They have a flat top built to house the brewer, and some feature wheels that make it easy to re-position the drawer and machine as needed. Some come with multiple tiers and drawers, while most have a stackable design so you can add more units, which comes in especially handy for those who drink lots of Java every day. These units come in many color schemes and work with skins to create custom storage.

Carousel Units Promote Sharing
Carousel coffee organizers are easy to spin around and offer several tiers that can hold up 35 pods. They come in varying designs from open holders to those that dispense out of the bottom. Businesses or companies who want to charge employees for K-Cups or pods can place a coin-operated unit next to the coffee machine. These units dispense a single cup at a time and have a see-through window so users can quickly identify the contents inside. Some units hold up to 24 pods at a time, with four separate racks to accommodate different blends.

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