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Color brings life to original works of art, and colored pencils offer one way to add color without the unnecessary use of chemicals or wet paint. They are lightweight, require little space in a bag and can go nearly anywhere, which makes them superior for artists who travel. These pencils come in many different hues and work on nearly any paper medium.

Types of Colored Pencils for Work or Play
Depending on the use, colored pencils come in several different types. Scholastic pencils and student pencils are erasable and work well for those learning how to sketch and draw. They have lower concentrations of pigments but deliver plenty of color for primary use. Artist-grade pencils have high-quality pigments that are resistant to water and breakage, which makes them perfect for use in a variety of conditions. They are also resistant to UV exposure, so they won’t fade when displayed in bright rooms or the sunshine.

Mechanical pencils work the same way as standard mechanical pencils but with colored lead. Some are refillable to save money. The lead in these pencils is thin and better suited for precise drawings and detail-oriented coloring.

Using Colored Pencils for Creating Works of Art
One of the main benefits of Prismacolor pencils is the number of techniques that can be used to create art. Stippling uses a very sharp point to create tiny dots. These dots can be placed close together to give the illusion of a solid drawing. A series of parallel lines is called hatching. The lines are drawn in the same direction. Cross hatching refers to drawing lines in one direction and then drawing a series of lines in another direction. Both hatching and cross hatching give a picture dimension.

The back-and-forth method is one of the most common techniques. This is the same method used when coloring with crayons. The result is a solid block of color that fills the page. Scumbling involves coloring in a continuous circular motion. Both of these methods are a good way to fill in large areas quickly.

What Is the Difference Between Watercolor Pencils and Colored Pencils?
Standard coloring pencils are made with wax and oil, which delivers excellent blending properties, and the colors won't bleed if they get wet. Watercolor pencils have the ability to cover a large amount of space with the addition of a small amount of water.

How Do You Blend Colors With Colored Pencils?
There are two methods for blending colors. Colors are layered by applying several colors on top of one another to get different tones. Burnishing is a method where colors are layered, and then a colorless blender or light-colored pencil is used to mix the colors together. The result is a shiny surface of new colors.

What Is the Best Paper for Colored Pencils?
There are several different papers that hold the colors of pencils, and cotton-based paper is one of those. Illustration board and suede board are both rigid and durable to withstand a heavy hand. Illustration board is ideal for scratching illustrations because it resists gouging and tearing. Suede board delivers a fuzzy effect to create lighter pastel shades. Also look for paper that has a smooth surface and comes in many different colors; the latter feature makes it ideal as backgrounds for images. Colored pencils are the perfect addition to any office supplies or school supplies list.
Cra-Z-Art Colored Pencils, Assorted, 72/Box (r10402)
Item #1543819
Model #10402-24
  • Premium quality pre-sharpened colored pencils in assorted colors
  • 72 pencils packed in peggable box
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Cra-Z-Art Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, 2 Dozen (10403-48)
Item #1543816
Model #10403-48
  • Pre-sharpened
  • They use real wood, feature thick, strong leads and are art quality
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Charles Leonard Triangle Colored Pencils 3 Count of 24 Pack of Pencils Per Order (SAR227207)
Item #2323420
Model #SAR227207
  • Pre-sharpened vibrant colored pencils
  • Full size 7 Inch length pencil
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Cra-Z-Art® Hot n' Brite Pre-Sharpened Colored Pencil (10427-72)
In store only
Item #1543817
Model #10427-72
  • Pre-sharpened
  • Great on white or black paper
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Sharpie China Marking Pencils black each [Pack of 24]
Item #1722354
Model #33156-PK24
  • Paper wrapped wax crayons
  • Writes on most surfaces including glass
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Sharpie China Marking Pencils white each [Pack of 24]
Item #1722358
Model #33146-PK24
  • Paper wrapped wax crayons
  • Unit: each
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Sharpie China Marking Pencils red each [Pack of 24]
Item #1722356
Model #33149-PK24
  • Paper wrapped wax crayons
  • Writes on most surfaces including glass
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Sharpie China Marking Pencils bright yellow each [Pack of 24]
Out of Stock
Item #1722355
Model #33151-PK24
  • Paper wrapped wax crayons
  • Writes on most surfaces including glass
Scentco Inc., Colored Pencils 10-pack (X10T40)Scentco Inc., Colored Pencils 10-pack (X10T40)
Out of Stock
Item #2548678
Model #X10T40
  • Colored Scented Pencils
  • Scents Guarnatee to last for up 2 years
Erin Condren Creative Color Colored Pencils, 12/Pack Multi-Color (2431787)Erin Condren Creative Color Colored Pencils, 12/Pack Multi-Color (2431787)
Item #2431787
Model #CCCP 01
  • Set of 12 designer colored pencils
  • Ideal for illustration, animation and annotations