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ComplyRight All Inclusive State and Federal Posters, New Jersey (E50NJ)

Item #: 711609 | Model #: E50NJ
ComplyRight All Inclusive State and Federal Posters, New Jersey (E50NJ)
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Product ID: 711609
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About this product
ComplyRight All Inclusive "New Jersey" State and federal posters are developed by experienced legal team, designed for every state-required employee notice and come in easy-to-read format.

Update your state and federal posters now with our most popular option Attorney-approved, two-poster set covers every state-required employee notice PLUS all mandatory federal postings: Federal Minimum Wage, EEOC, FMLA, Employee Polygraph Protection Act, OSHA and USERRA.

  • 100% compliant to ensure strict adherence to size, type font and layout requirements
  • Consolidated, easy-to-read format for maximum space efficiency
  • Laminated for added durability

Consolidated Format
These ComplyRight all-inclusive state and federal posters have a simple, consolidated format that is easy to read and understand. Workers are more likely to read and take in information when it is presented in the clean, uncluttered format of these posters.

To reduce the risk of damage and increase the life of these ComplyRight all-inclusive state and federal posters, they are laminated. Laminate makes it more difficult to tear or rip the posters and protects them from the environment, so dirt and water are less likely to damage them. Laminate ensures these posters need replacing less often and remain readable.

These ComplyRight posters are comprehensive and cover a wide range of important information your employees need to know. OSHA standards, minimum wage details, and information about the Employee Polygraph Protection Act are all included to ensure employees have access to current federal information. State-specific information is also listed on these posters.