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Curad Cotton Balls

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Cotton balls from trusted brands, such as Curad, are reliable for a variety of tasks ranging from cleaning cuts to removing cosmetics and nail polish. Latex-free cotton balls are available in different sizes, so shop online at Staples for sterile cotton balls and other first aid necessities for the home and office.

Consider Cotton for Beauty, Health and Medical Uses
This product is gentle on skin and safe to use when removing eye makeup or when applying medicated ointments. A medium-size cotton ball is about 1 inch in diameter and is a quick remedy to use when sensitive toes begin to blister from new shoes. Applying a latex-free cotton ball to a blistered toe can provide cushion and help keep the skin from rubbing on the shoe. A sterile cotton ball is useful as a medical accessory to help stop or prevent bleeding from minor cuts or punctures. The soft cotton also helps pad an injury before it's bandaged. The dense material can absorb small amounts of liquid, including rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, so it's simple to use a cotton ball to disinfect household medical utensils such as oral and aural thermometers, which helps counteract the spread of cold and flu germs. Depending on the brand and size, a standard pack can contain up to 130 cotton balls.

Benefits of Using a Cotton Ball
The durable cotton accessory has many uses inside the home and at work. Dampen a cotton ball with vanilla extract and place it in the refrigerator for a nice smell every time you open the door. Cotton accessories that use medical-grade rayon fibers typically provide a high level of uniformity and absorbency. Balls of cotton generally hold their shape and are lint free. The fibers do not cling together, so it's easy to grab only one cotton ball at a time.

Does a Cotton Ball Expire?
Cotton balls should not expire if you keep them in a cool and dry place. Cotton can become moldy if it becomes wet and is left in an area without air circulation.

Are Cotton Balls Organic?
Not all are, but some brands make organic cotton pads and balls. They contain certified organic cotton, which is free of synthetics and grown without pesticides.

Where Does a Cotton Ball Come From?
Cotton balls are plush and soft balls of fiber that originate from the cotton plant. The plant grows in a warm climate, and a lot of the world's cotton is grown in the United States; however, other areas such as India and Turkey also grow large cotton crops. Cotton is used in its natural form or spun and refined into products such as cotton pads, clothing and bed linens.

Can You Compost a Cotton Ball?
If the product is made entirely from organic cotton and contains no synthetic fibers, then it is safe to throw into the compost pile. Cotton is a natural resource that is a healthy addition to compost; however, a synthetic cotton ball will not decompose and should not go into the bin.

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Medline Non-sterile Rayon Balls
Item : SS1100182
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  • Non-sterile.
  • Latex-free.
  • Soft, smooth and virtually lint-free.
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Medline Non-sterile Cotton Balls
Item : SS1100179
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  • Non-sterile.
  • Latex-free.
  • Balls made from highly-absorbent 100% bleached Cotton.
As low as 15.29 $15.29
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