Chair Cushions

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Chair cushions enhance the support and comfort offered by office or occasional chairs. They also add color and texture to a room's decor. The many pad sizes and shapes fit most seats, and the different available finishes match almost any space. Browse the selection furniture and seating accessories available at Staples® and find comfortable seat cushions to fit most chairs.

Ergonomic Chair Cushions Provide All-Day Seated Comfort
Many office workers spend their day sitting in front of a desk, and a seat or back pillow can supplement the support given by a traditional office chair. Seat pads cushion the user's buttocks and thighs and may improve circulation in the user's lower legs. They're also an excellent way to enhance the comfort of stools or benches with wood or metal seats. Back cushions encourage an upright seated posture and support the lower back. Using one may reduce the risk of stress-related back injuries.

Improve a Room's Appearance With Chair Cushions
While chair pads and pillows are functional, they also come in a variety of colors and finishes that can blend into the background or change the look of a room. Choose a solid black or gray cushion for the office or add color to a living room or kitchen with brightly colored pillows on occasional chairs or counter stools.

What Finishes and Fillings Do Chair Cushions Have?
Chair pads feature fabric or leatherette covers that withstand daily wear and tear. Many shells are also removable, so they're easy to clean. Polyurethane foam fill flexes to fit the contours of the user's back or seat and provides firm support. Most of these products are suited for indoor use, but select cushions have weatherproof covers and pads. They're an excellent way to improve the comfort or refresh the appearance of deck or patio furniture.

How Do You Install Chair Cushions?
Many pads fit over a chair's back or seat and have straps or ties that hold them securely in place. Most are also adjustable, so they fit a broad range of seating products. Some cushions match particular furniture models and brands. These products use existing mounting hardware and can extend the life of chairs with damaged or worn pads.

How Do Lumbar Chair Cushions Work?
The lower part of the human spine has an inward curve. Most people slouch forward when spending long hours at a desk, which reverses this natural bend. While many chairs have built-in lumbar pads, an extra cushion can enhance the support they offer, restoring the spine's natural shape and relieving stress on the lower back. Using a cushion and taking regular stretch breaks can improve seated comfort and may help eliminate neck and back pain.

Where Else Can You Use Chair Cushions?
While many of these products are designed for home or office use, some have built-in handles and fold in half. It's simple to take these portable cushions along when traveling. Enjoy the support they offer in the car when commuting or bring one to the stadium and relax as you watch the game. Portable seat cushions can also enhance the comfort of hard waiting room chairs or airplane seats.