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Dixie Grab'N Go Plastic Assorted Cutlery Keeper, Heavy-Weight, Clear, 180/Pack (CH0369DX7)Dixie Grab'N Go Plastic Assorted Cutlery Keeper, Heavy-Weight, Clear, 180/Pack (CH0369DX7)
Item #2392455
Model #CH0369DX7
  • 180 per Pack
  • 30 Knives, 60 Spoons, 90 Forks
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Perfect for home or office use, disposable cutlery keepers provide a tidy and sanitary way of storing and dispensing eating utensils. Eliminate kitchen odors and fight germs by reducing the dirty dishes in any workplace breakroom, or assist in easy clean up after functions with Staples® wide range of disposable cutlery eating utensils, tableware and flatware.

Disposable Cutlery Keepers Contain High-Quality Disposable Cutlery
Cutlery trays contain disposable forks, disposable knives, and spoons or teaspoons. Utensils are full sized, with dinner-length cutlery handles providing staff and guests with strong, functional knives and forks. Plastic cutlery is shatter-proof, with the strength comparable to metal cutlery, perfect for all meals, easily cutting through tougher food like steak and chicken. Heavy-duty cutlery is made from durable, heavyweight polystyrene plastic. Disposable cutlery provides a low-cost alternative to catering for large events or stocking the office kitchen. End-of-function clean-up is easy because you simply throw used cutlery in the trash or in recycling facilities when available.

Consider the Features of Disposable Cutlery Keepers
One good feature of cutlery keepers is their convenient reclosable lids. Trays serve as efficient and sanitary storage containers until the cutlery is ready for use. If all cutlery is not used during your event, trays are resealable, so it's simple to keep them for use at the next party or function. Trays are stackable, providing for easy storage if more than one keeper has been opened. The ability to stack trays also enables the user to put out many units for a function without worrying about constantly restocking or running out of cutlery for guests or staff. Each type of eating utensil has its own section so cutlery is kept tidy, organized, and well presented. Keepers are often black in color, making a subtle and sophisticated way of dispensing cutlery at any event. Color options for cutlery include crystal clear and white.

How Much Cutlery Do Disposable Cutlery Keepers Hold?
Keepers contain between 168 to 180 pieces, filled with enough cutlery for up to 60 diners. Trays can be purchased in bulk packs of ten, making it easy to cater for any sized function or event, whatever the budget.

What Is Included in Each Disposable Cutlery Keeper?
There are different utensil ratio variations available depending on the user requirements. Sets generally include equal amounts of each utensil; however, uneven sets are available in 30 knives, 60 spoons, and 90 fork combinations. These uneven sets are ideal for functions with bite-sized food where a fork is preferred or when desserts are served and only a spoon is required.

Are Disposable Cutlery Keepers Recyclable and Reusable?
Most disposable plastic cutlery is recyclable. Ensure you check product packaging as products are recyclable if they come from number 5 plastic. It's also important to establish that your local recycling program accepts food-contaminated plastic waste. The heavyweight polypropylene design of keepers allows them to be reused. Users can restock keepers in office kitchens each day with extra knives, forks, or soup spoons as numbers run low to ensure cutlery is always available for staff.