Dixie PerfecTouch Insulated Paper Hot Cups, 12 oz., Coffee Haze, 50/Pack (5342CD)Dixie PerfecTouch Insulated Paper Hot Cups, 12 oz., Coffee Haze, 50/Pack (5342CD)
Item #478405
Model #5342CD
  • INSULATED HOT PAPER CUPS keep drinks hot and fingers cool
  • MORE HYGIENIC because they are 1-time use compared to permanent ware cups
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Dixie Pathways Paper Hot Cups, 12 oz., 300/Carton (2342SS1)Dixie Pathways Paper Hot Cups, 12 oz., 300/Carton (2342SS1)
Item #24396361
Model #2342SS1
  • Durable sidewall strength helps keep your cup from going soggy
  • An economical choice for specialty hot beverages like coffee and tea
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Solo Bistro® Hot Cups, 12 Oz., Multicolor, 300/Carton (OF12BI-0041)Solo Bistro® Hot Cups, 12 Oz., Multicolor, 300/Carton (OF12BI-0041)
Item #SCCOF12BI0041
Model #OF12BI0041
  • Hot cups provide a heat barrier, so the cup is comfortable to hold and it is not too hot
  • Made of single sided poly paper with multicolor design
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Dixie® Pathways™ Hot Cups
Item #SS1059540
  • Available in 8, 10 and 12 oz. sizes
  • Available in 50 and 1000 cups per pack
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Dixie Pathways Poly Paper Hot Cups, 16 oz., White, 50/Pack (2346PATH)
Item #106198
Model #2346PATH
  • 16 oz. hot cup
  • 50 cups per pack
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Solo Symphony Eco-Forward Cold Cups, 5 Oz., Multicolor, 100/Pack (R53-J8000)
Item #755930
Model #R53-J8000
  • Cold cups for convenient holding of cold beverages
  • Multicolor design with paper construction
Reg.  $11.99
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Dixie WiseSize Plastic Lid, White, 50/Pack (9542500DX)
Item #DXE9542500DXPK
Model #9542500DXPK
  • Dixie® Lid - Dome fits 10,12,16, oz. PerfecTouch® Cups and 12,16, 20 oz Dixie® Hot Cups
  • Domed to help to prevent spills from sloshing
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Solo Bistro Design Paper Hot Cups, 4 oz., 50/Pack (374SI-0041)
Item #2730497
Model #374SI-0041
  • Polyethylene lined paper hot cups to prevent leaking
  • 4 oz.
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Dart® Café G® Foam Hot/Cold Cups (DCC20X16GPK)
Item #DCC20X16GPK
Model #20X16GPK
  • Thermo-Glaze® insulation helps maintain hot and cold beverage temperature.
  • No need for double-cupping.
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Staples Combo Pack Hot Cups & Lids, 16 Oz., Multicolor, 24/Pack (50617)Staples Combo Pack Hot Cups & Lids, 16 Oz., Multicolor, 24/Pack (50617)
Item #1612058
Model #50617
  • Hot cups with lids are great for on-the-go
  • Multicolor design with paper construction
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Whether users need solutions for daily office dining and refreshments or major events, disposable cups can significantly cut down on setup and cleanup time. This lets you spend more time enjoying your beverages and your guests.

Disposable Tableware, Paper Cups & Dining Options Come in Different Materials
Throwaway cups are available in many diverse materials, offering solutions for all needs. Disposable cup products are often made from foam, PLA, paper or poly plastic. Foam cups are ideal for protecting hands from hot beverages and maintaining a drink's temperature. PLA is a biopolymer made from renewable sources, so PLA cups are a suitable solution for eco-friendly companies. Paper cups are generally recyclable and often provide excellent value. Poly cups prevent leaks and minimize condensation.

Choose the Right Size for any Beverage
Available cups hold between 4 ounces and 32 ounces, making it easy for users to stock up on options for different functions. Events where guests sample different beverages may call for small cups while large cups can give guests the freedom to move away from the beverage table. Cups of various sizes make it easy to differentiate between types of pre-poured drinks. Shoppers can also choose the perfect amount of cups to keep the drinks flowing and limit the number of extra cups left over. Packages come with between 8 and 200 cups.

Maintain Drink Temperature with Disposable Cups and Lids
Whether event planners are serving refrigerated soda, ice-cold water or hot coffee, keeping beverages at the ideal temperature is important for guest satisfaction. Choosing the proper disposable cup for each beverage makes this task easy. Cups designed for hot beverages often have thicker foam or paper, preventing heat from escaping and letting people sip at their leisure. Plastic cups with lids are well-suited to cold drinks, as they minimize condensation and leaks. Furthermore, lids keep the internal temperature of the cup chilly and reduce spilling.

Cup Design Options Meet Specific Needs
Special events often call for specific cup features. Paper cones are an excellent example. They feature rolled paper rims that prevent spills and rips caused by absorption. Cups with attractive designs are ideal for birthdays, retirement parties and other celebrations. These options are useful for catering companies, as they allow caterers to select the perfect option for each event. Each type of cup stacks slightly differently. Those with thinner rims take up less space when stacked, making them well-suited to tight spaces. Depending on your needs, you can buy plastic cups and lids together or purchase them separately.

Eco-Friendly Options Minimize Environmental Impact
Taking the extra step to buy eco-friendly cups maximizes convenience without creating excessive waste. Many cup brands use specific processing methods and materials to make cups more sustainable. Many Dixie cups are made from sustainably-sourced materials. Corn cups function in the same way as plastic, but they are made from biodegradable, compostable ingredients. Various types of paper cups use plant-based renewable resources.

Disposable cups offer a beneficial way to provide enough cups at any event and enjoy a quick, easy cleanup process. Browse Staples listings for throwaway cups with different designs, materials and sizes.