Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Sticks Phthalo Turquoise [Pack Of 2] (2PK-284 670 051)

Item #: 2131502 | Model #: 09215-PK2

About this product

Daniel Smith creates the most innovative and high quality paints that changed the world of watercolors. Their Extra Fine Watercolors Sticks provide the same superior quality and emphasis on intense color that you know from Daniel Smith-s Extra Fine Watercolor Paints in the compact, convenient, and portable form of a stick. Every stick is packed with the pure pigment quality associated with Daniel Smith that results in vibrant, long lasting color. These sticks are highly reactive with water to produce strong, rich, and creamy colors, or use them dry to build texture.The Extra Fine Watercolor Sticks blend perfectly with Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors. They are hand-formed from pure pigment, in the USA. Each stick is approximately 3" long and 1/2" in diameter.

  • Pure pigment
  • Vibrant, long lasting color
  • Highly reactive with water
  • Blend perfectly with Daniel Smith Extra Fin Watercolors
  • Color: phthalo turquoise