Disposable Bowls

Disposable bowls protect surfaces from spills at indoor and outdoor events. These versatile products come in various sizes, with enough room to store all sorts of foods. Serve your guests with paper, plastic and foam bowls from Staples.

Disposable Bowls for Parties and Meetings
Large bowls have enough room to hold 20 ounces of food so that they can act as temporary serving vessels at backyard parties and in office meetings. They keep ingredients separate at self-serve sundae stations so sprinkles never mix with chocolate chips, and they work just as efficiently for taco bars. These bowls keep cheeses away from beans so none of the ingredients mix before they're added to the meal. Smaller bowls hold 6 or 12 ounces of food, and they're made for single servings. Disposable plates can hold ice cream sundaes, cereal, and other individual portions. They often come in packets of more than 100 units, so a single pack includes enough bowls for large parties.

Paper Bowls for Families and Offices
These disposable cups have high walls to keep everything inside. The sides enable spill-free storage for granular and loose foods, so offices often use them to serve snacks at meetings and events. Because they're made with thick paper stock, these bowls stand up to individual usage as well. They hold slices of cake and appetizers so nothing slides out, even if the bowls tip slightly to one side. Heavy paper can often stand up to messy foods as well. That's how paper bowls can hold ice cream and cereal without leaking. Many Dixie paper products have Soak-Proof Shields that provide extra strength for liquids and sauces. These shields coat the surface of the bowl, so milk, water and cream do not seep into the surface during meals.

Plastic Bowls for Liquids and Sauces
Plastic offer greater strength than paper, and the bowls don't bend out of shape under the weight of heavier foods. They have the same high rims as their paper counterparts, and they provide reliable support for liquids and sauces. They do not require wax coatings or shields either. These strong bowls have enough durability to last all day. Their surfaces rinse off without any loss of strength, so hungry guests can go back for seconds without using additional bowls. This reduces waste and helps with cleanup. Some plastic bowls also have textured rims. These small decorations add friction points, so diners can quickly grip wet surfaces.

Foam bowls are the middle ground between paper and plastic accessories. These units offer lightweight, temporary food storage and enough strength to hold ice cream. The largest packages include 1,000 bowls, which restaurants can use to serve large quantities of foods, including sauces and side dishes.

No matter what's on the menu, there are plenty of reasons to use paper, plastic and foam bowls. These units come in large quantities, and they support all sorts of foods. Whether you're serving side dishes at a barbecue or slices of pie during an office party, Staples has disposable food bowls to meet your needs. Staples also carries napkins, disposable cutlery, and other breakroom items.