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Disposable Cutlery & Plastic Silverware

Disposable cutlery offers an easy cleanup method as an alternative to washing silverware. Available in multiple colors and sizes, the utensils work equally well in homes and offices for parties or casual use. Popular brands like Dixie, Solo and Creative Converting have small and large sets to suit a wide variety of needs.

Various Cutlery and Pack Sizes for Multiple Users
Plastic silverware comes in many formats including the most common: knives, spoons and forks. Some companies produce sporks, a spoon and fork combination for distributing with meals. Soup spoons have a wider bowl than teaspoons to hold more liquid. Many brands make disposable cutlery using mostly plastic, but some contain polystyrene for added strength. Some have a medium-heavy weight that stands up to regular use, while others offer a heavy-duty construction that's shatter-resistant. They don't bend during use, making them ideal for thicker meal options such as steaks, lasagna and chicken breasts.

Shoppers can buy boxes or large packages of individual utensils, or a variety pack that includes all cutlery forms for added convenience. Restaurants and eateries can buy bulk packages that contain up to 1,000 units. They also come in many colors, in addition to white and clear, so you can add a pop of color to mealtime. Use them for birthday parties and coordinate with the theme or other accessories. If you're looking for a professional place setting, consider those with a gold or silver metallic finish for a realistic touch.

Versatile Packaging for Storage and Dispensing
Utensils come packaged in boxes or cartons, but some have specialty packaging for convenience. Some have a portion of the box that pops open, creating a dispenser that works well in the breakroom or on countertops. Others come with a built-in tray, so you can simply open up the package and put it on display, or place it in the cutlery drawer at home. For use in environments with several employees or a public snack area, consider buying units that come individually wrapped. They eliminate the transfer of germs and keep the utensils free of airborne contaminants.

Restaurant Packs for Convenience
Eateries who offer takeout or delivery service can benefit from disposable cutlery packets to hand out to customers. In addition to having utensils, they come with other components including a napkin, salt and pepper packets. Some companies package sporks and napkins together for a quick solution for on-the-go meals. They're individually wrapped to preserve freshness and offer an all-in-one solution. They also work well in the office breakroom for those who forget to bring silverware for their lunch, or as an addition to a child's lunchbox.

Eco-Friendly Options for Sustainability
While you can recycle most plastic silverware, some have BPI Compostable certification, reducing the amount of waste. Brands like Nature House use a blend of plant starch and oils to create biodegradable options, with a small amount of plastic added in to create a sturdy utensil. They can withstand temperatures up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, making them suitable for hot and cold foods.