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Door Locks & Security

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When it comes to your home, protecting your belongings and safeguarding against theft is a primary concern. Home security systems come in both indoor and outdoor versions, depending on your needs. They alert you to intruders, open doors, and potential emergency situations that may arise while the house is empty. Staples® carries door locks, sensors and complete systems from many brands including Simple Home™, VTech®, and Linear®.

Increase Security With Smart Home Security Systems
Smart home systems make it easy for homeowners to monitor their dwellings while they are away, whether it's simply to the office for work or on an extended vacation overseas. Smart locks connect directly to smart devices to create a virtual key that people can use to lock and unlock doors. Some come with the capacity to share virtual keys with friends, family, or neighbors to access the home in the event of an emergency. Remote sensors alert owners to open garage doors, detect movement, and sound alarms depending on the type installed.

Monitor Surroundings With Covert Home Security Cameras
Security cameras not only record video, but many also include audio, so you can see and hear who comes and goes in or around your home at any time. Many upload the feed to a remote device, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone, making it possible to save the evidence in the event of a break-in or fire, to share with authorities. With many sizes available, you can easily mount one to the side of your house as a deterrent or opt for a more discreet camera that remains incognito, such as those that attach to a doorbell.

What Type of Home Security Door Lock Should You Choose?
Door locks are the first preventative measure that every home should have. Many people opt for a key-entry lock, either with or without a deadbolt, but others prefer a more streamlined solution that works even if you forget your keys. Smart locks require a pin code, smart device, or magnetic card to gain access. With a pin code, you can leave keys out of the equation and simply use the pin pad to open or secure the locking mechanism.

What Is a Home Security Smart Lock?
With a smart lock, your phone acts as the key with a special app that transmits a signal to the device that's installed directly into your door. You can use it to lock and unlock the door, as well as see all activity for specified time periods. Additionally, the app makes it easy to monitor the current status and lock the door if you've forgotten, no matter where you may be.

Is a Camera a Necessary Home Security Requirement?
No. You don't need to install a home security camera as it's a personal choice, but it can provide peace of mind when you're away. If you travel frequently, choose one that lets you monitor your house or apartment remotely, so you view the feed at any time. You can also use these cameras to monitor house sitters, babysitters, or pets who may be left alone.