Use exactly the tools you need to complete your drafting projects. Enhance the look of your work with high-quality paper, precision tools, and pencils, pens, and erasers that assure your professional or personal drawings merit the attention they deserve.

Pick 100 percent vellum tracing paper with a smooth white surface for detailed sketches, such as engineering or architectural design pieces, that require a lot of erasing and re-sketching. The surface prevents ghosting or smudging from repeated erasing to ensure a masterful finish. To protect your valuable sketches during storage from inadvertent smudging or for detailed color markup, choose parchment tracing paper. Alternatively dotted newsprint paper let's you practice and perfect text or script. The wide selection of drafting and specialty tables provide the perfect work area for any of these projects.

Pencils and Pens
Choose traditional no. 2 pencils with bonded lead to reduce breakage and enhance the fine details in your project. For more colorful projects, fiber tipped, capped, porous-point pens use water-based ink for a smooth flow and hours of scripting or drawing. The cap prevents the fiber tip from drying out when not in use. For personal drafting projects or to add sparkle to your children's drawings, adhesive glitter glue pens bring a magic touch to any piece.

Precision Tools and Accessories
Draft like the pros with precision tools that include compass and divider sets, ellipse guide templates, and 180 degree protractors. These tools ensure exactness down to the most minute detail. For more artful craft projects, glue guns, precision knives for trimming and stripping, and spray adhesives ensure you have all the material you need to expertly complete your pieces. For students, we also carry a large selection of calculators to aid in geometry and other mathematical drawing.

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Staedtler® Combination Set
Item #274720
Model #569 32BK
  • Drafting type: Combination Set
  • Material: Plastic
Reg.  $14.99
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Engineering Prints
Item #931461
Model #931461
  • High quality black & white line drawings
  • Ideal for architects and builders
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Staedtler Vellum Paper White 10 Sheet/Pad (9471824T)Staedtler Vellum Paper White 10 Sheet/Pad (9471824T)
In store only
Item #484935
Model #9471824T
  • Label and organize important information right on drawing paper. Title block has space for scale, date, drawing number and supervisor approval. Ten sheets per pad. 18"" x 24"".
  • Sheet Size: 24" L x 18" W
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Staedtler Geometry SetStaedtler Geometry Set
Item #682871
Model #557 10BN
  • Packing quantity: 1/pack
  • Box contains: 6" ruler (Imperial and metric), 4" 45 degree protractor, 4" 60 degree protractor, 4" 180 degree protractor, lettering guide, 4" compass, 4" dividers, wooden pencil, sharpener, eraser
Reg.  $6.49
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Bienfang Parchment Tracing Paper, 9" x 12"
Item #214494
Model #R243123
  • 9" x 12"
  • Transparent for tracing, 50 sheets per pad
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X-ACTO Gripster Knife, Black (X3627)X-ACTO Gripster Knife, Black (X3627)
Item #428854
Model #X3627
  • Precision knife with a safety cap for fine deep cutting
  • Built with a black A-type handle and a carbon steel blade for a reliable cut every time
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Crayola Modeling Clay Sticks, 4 oz., Assorted Colors, 4/Box (57-0300)Crayola Modeling Clay Sticks, 4 oz., Assorted Colors, 4/Box (57-0300)
Item #455714
Model #57-0300
  • Shape and reshape clay to create master work
  • Nondrying, non-hardening modeling compound
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Staedtler Student 8.5" Compass, Blue (557 SCBK)
Item #2277463
Model #557 SCBKA6
  • This safety compass is just the right tool for that budding engineer or architect
  • Blue compass is made of plastic
Reg.  $3.99
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Pacific Arc Quick Set Bow Compass Set 6 1/2 In. (QSB810CEX)
Item #2133053
Model #86589
  • Extension bar for circles up to 22 in.
  • Includes 4 extra leads
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Staedtler Bond Paper, 8.5" x 11", White, 50 Sheets/Pack (937 811P4)
In store only
Item #484821
Model #937 811P4
  • This quadrille bond paper is ruled with four squares per inch for fine accuracy for plotting or graphing
  • Dimensions: 8.5"W x 11"L
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