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Busy professionals need work areas that accommodate their demanding projects and schedules. Executive desk models aim to give high-level staff the space they need to concentrate and work productively.

Choose the Ideal Desk Layout
There are several common desk layouts among executive models. A basic executive-style desk offers one long work area that is rectangular in shape. This is optimal for smaller offices or professionals who need to stay stationary while working. L-shaped desks come in two pieces. One desk area may be longer than the other or both pieces can be the same size. The two pieces meet at a 90-degree angle, giving executives two work surfaces and viewpoints. They also fit well in corners. U-shaped desks create their shape with three separate pieces. Each side has one straight piece, and the straight sides are joined by a curved work area. This type of desk surrounds you on three sides, making it easy to keep projects separate and spread out.

Enjoy the Durability of Sturdy Materials
Executive options are meant to withstand heavy and frequent use. For that reason, brands rely on strong, high-quality building materials to extend the life of each desk. Most executive models have wood as their main material. Popular options include walnut, oak, cherry and mahogany. Some desks offer a modern vibe with steel or another heavy metal. Many options have laminate work surfaces.

Expansive Storage Space Keeps the Work Area Tidy
A busy executive juggles multiple projects at one time, so storage space is essential. Executive desks take up a lot of space, so they make the most of it with storage options. Models often include a combination of filing cabinets, drawers and shelves. Box drawers provide space for large objects and files, while pencil drawers keep office supplies close at hand. File drawers allow executives to keep private or important files nearby.

What Are the Differences Between an Executive-Style Desk, a Manager's Desk and a Writing Desk?
Users often find executive and manager's desks during their searches. Differences vary between brands, but many companies use the terms executive desk and manager's desk interchangeably. Both options are larger than other types of office desks. Writing desks are generally much smaller than executive models, offering less work space and fewer storage options.

What Chairs Are Optimal for Executive Desks?
Since desks in this category offer plenty of usable space, many users benefit from the ergonomic features and comfortable design of large manager's and executive chairs. Consider using a wheeled chair if your desk is L-shaped or U-shaped. A wheeled chair lets users quickly move between work areas.

What Customizable Features Are Available?
Some desks have features that users can add or change. Options include filing cabinets, vertical shelving units and under-desk storage. Some models have customizable accents, including handles and trim. Brands often offer the option of additional cabinets and work surfaces. Users can often choose between different types of wood.

If your work day takes you from project to project, an executive-style desk can offer the space you need to keep everything running smoothly. Compare options from various brands at Staples.

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