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Armstrong® Shoulder Forged Carbon Steel Eye Bolt, 1/2-13 UNC, 1 1/2 in Shank (L)
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Item #701987
Model #069-89-025
  • Eye bolts & nuts thread size: 1/2-13 UNC
  • Eye bolts & nuts eye inner diameter: 1 3/16-inch
Eye bolts and nuts represent versatile tools that can be used in a wide range of applications that require maximum strength and performance. They can be screwed into place and used to secure loads and different types of material for safe transportation.

High Quality Construction
Every eye bolts and nut has been constructed using only the best-forged carbon steel and has been tempered to withstand almost any stress. A thorough testing process ensures that every bolt will provide consistent performance so that you can feel confident that you are using the strongest and safest bolt on the market.

Perfect for Securing Loads
The eye of the bolt provides the perfect receptacle for rope, bungee cords, slings, straps, and a variety of other materials. By inserting the bolt and running a strap through the eye, you can safely tie almost anything in place and rest assured that the eye bolt will be able to withstand any sudden jerks of unexpected stresses.

Thoroughly Tested and Load Rated
Each eye bolt and nut has been tested so that consumers know exactly how much of a load each bolt can handle under specific circumstances. While the load capacity diminishes as the angle of the bolt increases, each bolt can still handle hundreds of pounds of stress, even at a steep angle. It is always beneficial to read more about the precise product specifications and performance capacity of each bolt, which will help you determine exactly how many bolts you will need to safely secure and transport a cargo load.