Fall Protection

Reduce the risk of accidents in your facility with fall protection equipment conducive to a safer work environment. Use harnesses and lanyards for workers on construction sites or working on tall machinery. Select complete kits to keep everything you need for personal safety in one convenient place.

Comfortable Designs
Ensure worker safety by providing fall protection equipment such as safety harnesses for work that takes place high above the ground. Select construction harnesses for workers navigating high beams in incomplete buildings, and choose workman-style harnesses for employees who regularly climb poles to repair electrical, phone, and cable equipment. Comfortable to wear, these safety options fit right over clothing and adjust for a perfect fit.

Adjustable Features
Make it safer for workers to climb to high areas to repair machinery in your facility with fall protection equipment such as lanyards that help break falls. Choose options that allow you to adjust the length to your exact specifications, and discover fall limiters and lifelines that catch your fall in the case of a misstep. Lightweight enough to stow into even a small bag, these fall protection solutions make the perfect addition to the personal safety supplies of workers who need versatile options.

Convenient Accessories
Coordinate these fall protection products with a wide array of accessories that make safety simple. Choose carabiners and winches for climbing in tight spaces, and find knee pads, stabilizers, wrist straps and supports that reduce the risk of injury during your ascent and descent. Lifeline systems and rescue kits facilitate the fast retrieval of injured or stuck workers, reducing the risk of life-threatening injuries in your warehouse or factory.