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FIJI Water, 23.67 Fl. Oz., 6 Bottles/Pack, 2 Packs/Carton (00067)
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  • Natural artesian water for your active lifestyle
  • 23.7 fl. oz. capacity
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FIJI Water is free of many common pollutants like dust, exhaust gases, and chemical additives. Equatorial trade winds gather rain clouds over the Fiji Islands and release the precipitation over a dense tropical forest growing on once volcanic mountains. The volcanic rock filters the water while naturally infusing minerals and gathers the water into pristine aquifers. Fiji Water Company collects the resurfaced water and bottles it into branded containers. Staples carries an extensive line of Fiji Water in varying sizes and containers.

Where the water's taste and contents come from
Fiji water falls through a rain forest and seeps through volcanic rock. Natural filtration takes place as the water goes through the different layers of volcanic rock. During this process, the injection of electrolytes and natural minerals takes place, giving the water a uniquely smooth and soft taste. Because the Fiji Islands are far and remote, Fiji Water is free of industrial waste, acid rain, and air pollutants.

Consider container size
Fiji Water bottles come in four distinct sizes. The smallest bottle carries 330 milliliters (ml) of water. It conveniently fits in small spaces such as backpacks, cup holders, and children's hands. The medium-sized bottle is the most common size, and it carries 500ml, equivalent to one adult serving. The larger bottle comes in two sizes, which are 1 liter and 1.5 liters. The different Fiji Water bottles come in cases of 12, 24, and 36 bottles.

Eco-friendly features of Fiji Water
Fiji Water Company uses petroleum, coal-tar distillate, and natural gas to manufacture its iconic square-shaped Fiji Water bottles. Fiji Water Company uses polyethylene terephthalate, commonly known as PET, to make the Fiji Water bottles and caps. Owing to their raw materials, Fiji Water bottles recycle easily, reducing the carbon footprint. Fiji Water bottles are transparent and uncolored in design, making them more favorable for recycling companies.

Are all their bottles square-shaped?
Fiji Water bottles come in a unique square-shaped design. This design is not only stylish but efficient. The square shape creates fewer spaces between bottles, allowing for easier packing into boxes as opposed to the traditional cylindrical shape.

Is Fiji Water from Fiji?
Bottling of Fiji Water happens on the same island as the aquifer. The aquifer is on one of Fiji's main islands, Viti Levu, in the Yaqara Valley. The bottling plant uses a sealed delivery system that directly places the water from the aquifer into the Fiji Water bottles, eliminating contamination through human contact. Fiji Water only comes into human contact during consumption.

Why Choose Fiji Water bottled water?
Reasons to choose bottled water vary from the preferred taste to convenience and quality. The flavor of a particular brand stems from the water's origin, the route to the surface, imbued minerals, and pH level. Fiji Water is artesian water. This means that pressure within the aquifer forces the water to the surface. Volcanic rocks filter the Fiji Water and naturally infuse it with minerals.

Additionally, Fiji Water achieves neutrality on a pH level test with very minimal differences. All these traits create safe-to-drink, uniquely tasty and refreshing water.