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File Folders

Find the right file folders to secure and organize documents in the office. Files are also suitable for storing magazines, reports, and CDs/DVDs. While Manila folders are the most common types, these document storage units also use other materials. Some are general-purpose files, while others have designs that make them perfect for specific tasks, like color coding files or fastening documents. Find a wide selection of folders alongside other filing accessories in the extensive inventory of office supplies at Staples®.

Stock the Office with Different File Folders
Besides the standard files used for storing documents, there are also fastener, classification, hanging, presentation, and expanding folders. A fastener unit has one or two metal or plastic fasteners inside its flaps for securing sheets. A classification folder also has built-in fasteners in addition to one or more dividers. Usually made of thick paper stock, it is sturdier than regular files, and ideal for sorting and transporting heavy documents.

Choose a presentation file folder for its reinforced spine and flap pockets. It’s ideal for sharing reading materials during business presentations. Its pockets are handy for storing business cards and similar small items. A hanging file has metal rods with hooks at the edges of its flaps. These are for hanging it inside desk drawers. An expanding folder has sides that spread to create more volume for storing more pages.

Consider Size and Material When Picking File Folders
Standard folders are 9.5 inches high. Letter-size units also have a width of 11.25 inches, while legal-size folders measure 14.75 inches wide. Interior folders are a little shorter than standard ones. They’re 9.2 inches high and meant to fit inside hanging files. Guide-height folders are, however, taller at 10 inches. These have to be higher than regular files since they’re for separating sections in filing drawers.

Besides Manila, manufacturers also use Kraft paper for files. While Manila ones appear light brown or tan, Kraft units have deep brown finishes. Kraft offers excellent smear and smudge resistance and is ideal for collecting freshly printed documents. Pressboard is another paper material used for making files. It’s stiffer, denser, and suited for heavy use since it uses multiple layers of paper.

What Are the Benefits of Plastic File Folders?
They’re more durable than paper ones, and also water-resistant. They’re harder to tear and protect documents from accidental spills. Plastic units also have better smudge and stain resistance. They come in a wider selection of colors, too, and are great for creating a color-coded filing system. Some even have transparent covers, a useful feature for those that want to see a file’s contents without opening it.

Are Folder Tab Sizes Important?
Yes. Tab cut describes the positions and sizes of file tabs. These determine the kind of labels that are suitable. For example, ½-cut tabs take up half the width of folders, and come in staggered sets of two. These are suitable for long labels. In contrast, 1/5-cut tabs take up one-fifth of folder width, come in sets of fives, and are ideal for short alphabetical and numerical labels.

What Are File Wallets?
They’re extra-wide expanding folders with gusseted sides. Usually made of thick, water-resistant materials, these are for storing and transporting other file folders, brochures, and bulky reports. Some of them have closing flaps secured with loop-and-button closures.
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With more than 42 brands and 865 File Folder products in stock, Staples can help you find the best brand of File Folder for your home, office, or school. We looked at nearly 173,780 File Folder reviews to find the top File Folder brands in our inventory. Based on average customer ratings, the top best File Folder brands are: