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Whether you are working with plastic, metal, or wood, a file can help you create fine detailing. Files are designed with abrasive surfaces that gradually remove material. With the right files and handles, you can enjoy greater control over any job.

Our files and handles are available with a variety of tooth pattern options, including spiral cut, smooth cut, flat, and double cut. When you select files and handles, it is important to check the pattern to find the most effective abrasive surface for your project.

A File for Every Job
Our files and handles come from industry-leading brands like Lutz File and Cooper Hand Tools Nicholson. Select from small hand files, large lathe files, or thread restoring files.

Comfortable Grip
Our file handles offer an ergonomic grip surface, allowing you to stay comfortable during long projects. Reduce the chances of blisters without sacrificing your range of motion with high-dexterity gloves.

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Add to cart Stanley® Surform® Tool Blades, Flat
Add to cart Stanley Surform® Shaver, Regular Cut, 7-1/4"
Add to cart Cooper Hand Tools Nicholson® Metal Ferruled Wooden Handle, 4-1/2"
Add to cart BOX Parcel Handle
Add to cart Cooper Hand Tools Nicholson® Taper To Point In Width Rectangular Flat File, Smooth Cut, 8"
Add to cart Nicholson® 6" Bastard Cut Half Round File (183-04795N)
Add to cart General® Tools 12 Pieces Swiss Pattern Needle File Set, 5-1/2"
Add to cart Cooper Hand Tools Nicholson® Metal Ferruled Wooden Handle, 5-3/4"
Add to cart Nicholson® Machinists Boxed Half-Round Files, Round Pipe Liner File, 14"
Add to cart Nicholson® Hobby File Sets, Assorted Minifiles, W/Vinyl 5-1/2"