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Fireproof Safes

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Protecting sensitive information, documents, and personal effects requires a safe that can stand up to various situations. Fireproof safes have a durable exterior that's certified and tested to withstand high temperatures for specified periods of time. They come in varying sizes for both home and office use. Staples® carries safes from top brands such as Sentry® Safe, First Alert, and Hollon Safe.

Security Fireproof Safe Features Create Strong Seals
Fireproof safes come with many built-in features to provide an impenetrable security measure. Dial or digital locking mechanisms are common, though some use infrared technology or a combination method to offer dual layers of protection. Emergency override keys let users bypass the alpha-numeric input and access the contents simply by inserting the key into the lock. Waterproof safes come with one or two such keys, though more can be made at an additional cost.

Most safes have a steel body with either a two-tone paint or powder coating that increases its durability. Insulation protects against heat and with a solid steel construction, tampering is nearly impossible with both mechanical and hand tools. Center and anchoring holes make it easy to bolt any size safe to the floor or wall, preventing theft of the entire unit, and many smaller units come with built-in handles for simple portability.

Fireproof Safes Store Various Belongings
You can use a fireproof gun safe to store multiple goods including money in cash or bar form, jewels, contracts, and firearms. Adjustable shelves make it easy to distribute contents evenly and take advantage of the entire space. Use them at home to store important papers such as mortgages, life insurance, or tax forms. In the office, they work well for securing sensitive company information that's confidential in nature.

What Does the UL Certification of a Fireproof Safe Mean?
Each fireproof safe comes with a specific class certification that's issued after the unit undergoes rigorous testing. The certification specifies how high of a temperature the safe can withstand and for how long before the contents are at risk of being compromised. Most can withstand temperatures up to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit, though select hotel safes tolerate up to 1700 degrees for as long as 2 hours. Many also safeguard the contents against flooding and high-velocity drops, complete with a manufacturer's guarantee against losses up to a certain amount.

What Type of Fireproof Safe Is Best for an Office?
The type of portable safe you choose is largely dependent on the type of belongings you're looking to secure. Smaller units work well for cash and thin files, and they're easy to take with you if you're attending a show or convention. If you're looking to store guns, electronics, or a large amount of paperwork, choosing a larger model will benefit you in the long run.

What Type of Tamper-Proof Features Do Fireproof Safes Have?
The features depend on the model but most come with interlocking or live-locking bolts that attach to the door and the walls of the safe to prevent door removal. Brands like Sentry Safe use hinge bars that resist prying as well as hardware for anchoring the unit. Add a new fireproof safe to your next office supplies order.