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Installing face and eye wash supplies marking emergency stations clearly, and providing protective goggles enhance worker safety and ensure laboratory and industrial facilities comply with federal and state regulations. Permanent safety stations offer fast access to emergency equipment in labs or on the factory floor. Portable eye wash stations and showers protect employees working in the field. Explore the factory and lab safety equipment available at Staples® and create a safe working environment.

Reduce Response Times With Eye Wash Solutions and Equipment
Protective eyewear and eye shields help prevent exposure to hazardous liquids, but seconds matter when an accident occurs. Most eye wash stations have dual spray heads that deliver plenty of flowing water across the user's eyes and face, quickly rinsing away contaminants. Oversize, clearly labeled handles are easy to find and operate, and most models keep running once they're activated, allowing hands-free use. Portable stations use gravity to deliver eye wash solution, and some have heated tanks that ensure reliable operation at extreme temperatures.

Eye Wash Equipment Delivers Consistent Performance
Durable components, such as stainless steel basins, chrome-plated valves, and FDA-approved polyethylene tanks, provide reliable eye wash solution delivery and capture waste liquid efficiently. Flip-off caps are easy to remove and protect spray heads from contaminants when stations are not in use. Portable stations have brackets that provide a variety of mounting options and wide, threaded tank openings that simplify filling and maintenance. Cleaning supplies such as lint-free wipes and anti-fog sprays help maintain protective eyewear and ensure employees can see their work areas clearly.

What Safety Standards Apply to Eye Wash Equipment?
The ANSI Z358.1 standard outlines requirements for emergency showers and eye wash stations. It also includes guidance concerning installation and maintenance. When choosing equipment for a laboratory or industrial facility, look for products that meet this standard. Using ANSI-certified supplies also helps ensure your workplace complies with OHSA safety requirements.

How Does Flow Rate Affect Face and Eye Wash Solution Delivery?
Flow rate measures how much water the station delivers in gallons per minute. While ANSI Z358.1 sets standards for minimum flow rates, choosing a unit with a higher flow rate can improve flushing performance. Tank size is also a consideration when selecting portable eye wash equipment. A high flow rate will empty the tank quickly. An ANSI-compliant station should have a water supply that will last at least 15 minutes.

What Type of Eye Wash Solution Should You Use?
Most permanent showers and flushing stations connect directly to a building's water source, ensuring access to potable water at consistent output pressure. Fill portable eye wash areas with potable water or a buffered saline solution, and consider using a preservative solution to maintain water quality.

What Accessories Should You Consider When Installing Eye Wash Stations?
Marking safety equipment with signs can guide workers exposed to contaminants to emergency showers or face and eye wash stations quickly. Safety signs feature high-visibility green backgrounds with white lettering and use standardized symbols that indicate the type of equipment available. Most offer flexible installation options and include mounting hardware.

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