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FlagHouse Special Education

Adaptive exercise equipment and sensory tools are an essential part of a special education learning environment. FlagHouse is a leading brand specializing in top-quality toys, games and furniture that helps to develop motor skills while encouraging active play in children of all ages and abilities. Staples stocks a variety of recreational equipment and accessories to suit any school, physical therapy facility or home gym setup.

FlagHouse Sporting and Adaptive PE Equipment is Sturdy and Reliable
For everyday sports training, body bars and dumbbells are useful tools for building strength, balance and flexibility. Available in several weights and sizes, this equipment lets athletes and therapy patients work gradually toward fitness goals as muscle strength improves. In adaptive physical education environments, teachers and coaches can work with students to develop core strength, balance and coordination as they crawl through tunnels, jump on colorful mats, climb ropes and scoot around. Children with lower muscle tone or neurological disorders enjoy gently rocking and swinging on supportive seating that can encourage better posture and limb alignment. Many pieces of equipment can be safely used by wheelchair-bound or walker-assisted students so everyone can participate in group or individual play at their own level.

Colorful Games and Activities Help Develop Coordination and Audio-Visual Stimulation
Flashcards, animated projector wheels and tactile toys offer a fun and stimulating experience for learners of all ages. As students explore textures, colors and sounds, they develop essential observation skills that they can apply to real-world situations by understanding cause and effect, feelings and spatial orientation. Children with autism spectrum disorders may find playing with bubble tubes, color-changing panels and soft rugs a satisfying way to tune out and wind down after a stressful moment or before bedtime. Many lighting panel devices come with UV black lights and materials that glow for vividly-colored viewing and play sessions in the dark.

Massage Mats and Cushions Make Therapy More Comfortable
Occupational therapists and medical practitioners can make therapy sessions easier on their patients with wedged cushions, soft mats and massage equipment that offers gentle support and stimulation. Vibrating slippers and pillows provide an invigorating sensation and contouring massage tubes can wrap around limbs for a hands-free massage that patients may adjust as desired. Air cushions and soft wedges assist in making small postural adjustments during physical therapy sessions, and full body mats can help stimulate proper blood flow with gentle tapping and kneading movements. Most surfaces wipe down easily and are neatly stored between sessions.

Weighted Toys and Vests Provide Calming Sensory Comfort
Many children find weighted vests, toys and shoulder wraps to be soothing during uncertain or overly stimulating situations. Available in a variety of sizes and colorful variations, weighted accessories provide gentle compression that offers a secure and grounded sensation while encouraging feelings of safety and stability. These items are ideal for use in special education classrooms where teachers can use them to gently diffuse anxiety in new students or reassure frightened children during an intense storm. Parents may also find evenly weighted stuffed animals are the perfect companion for kids at bedtime and while traveling.
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FlagHouse Curved Walking Board
Item : WYF078275852912
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  • Set includes 10 pieces
  • Multi-colored
  • Overall dimensions: 23'' H x 14'' W x 14'' D, 13 lbs
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