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Flammables Storage Cabinets

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Install sturdy flammables storage cabinets in your home or office for greater fire protection. Choose from multiple capacities with steel construction for added strength and longer lifespans. Flammables storage cabinets offer superb protection at for a variety of goods when the unexpected happens.

Protective Measures
Flammables storage cabinets feature double-wall construction with insulating air space to reduce the risk of fire damage at home or in the office. Many of the professional-grade cabinets feature dual 2-inch vents with flame arresters and durable lead-free powder paint finishes for maximum chemical resistance and lasting durability. Secure harmful chemicals and liquids safely away from office personnel, customers or children with padlocked cabinets and manual-close cabinets designed for home and office safety.

Store hazardous materials safely with flammables storage cabinets equipped with hazard warning reflective labels, lockable handles and safety, fire-resistant shelves. Adjustable leveling feet provide a wobble-free base when transporting cabinets within the home or office.

Electrical Protection
Protect sensitive equipment in transportable flammables storage cabinets complete with wheels for quick transport or electrical protector cases that are crush-proof, dust-proof and watertight. Protector cases and cabinets feature rubber overmolded handles, stainless-steel hardware, and padlock protectors to help keep equipment secure during floods and fires.

Hardware Protection
Fires and floods can damage expensive equipment, networks and hardware in a flash. Secure your home or business valuables with the convenience of flammables storage cabinets with durable shelves that store multiple items and secure locks and doors that are watertight. Opt for a combination of compact countertop cabinets for use in small spaces and 18-gauge steel cabinets to hold large quantities of equipment, tools, hazardous materials, and chemicals.

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