Flashlights, Lanterns & Work Lights

Flashlights, lanterns, and work lights are ideal for illuminating areas where no sunlight or permanent lighting fixture is available. They're also great for troubleshooting or finding a missing part or tool. Choose from battery-powered and electric sources of temporary lighting according to your needs.

Find It with a Flashlight
When it comes to shedding some quick light on a situation, like a hard-to-see leak or a tool that has fallen into a maze of pipes and wires, battery-powered flashlights are the time-honored choice among flashlights, lanterns, and work lights. Staples has a wide selection of flashlights and batteries.

Work Easier with Light
Flashlights, lanterns, and work lights for extended use include cordless models that are similar to flashlights and corded models that run on AC current. You can use a clamp lamp or a hanging work light to keep both your hands free to work.

Special Temporary Lighting
Job-specific and special flashlights, lanterns, and work lights include head lamps, miniature flashlights and penlights, and flexible flashlights. These helpful tools get light right to where you need it.