Work Lights

Work lights enable you to get the job done, even if permanent lighting is unavailable. With the right type of temporary lighting, you can keep your workers on the job and prevent a work stoppage. Flashlights, clamp lights, and light strings are portable solutions with features that can handle any dark area.

Enhanced Safety
Work lights enhance the safety of your workers. Trouble lights can be used to keep others away from a particular area, so no one is injured because of poor light conditions.

Portable Convenience
Whenever you need extra light in an area, clamp lights can provide a convenient solution. Keep a supply of light bulbs on hand to power your array of work lights.

Emergency Help
When the lights go out, a battery-operated flashlight can light the way until power is restored. A variety of flashlight models makes illuminating dark spaces a breeze.

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Add to cart Designers Edge E231 16/3-Gauge 20-Foot Cord Reel Power Station with (6) Grounded Outlets, Black and Yellow
Add to cart Stalwart LED Headlamp
Add to cart Stalwart 5 LED Super Bright Headlamp With Adjustable Strap
Add to cart Trademark Stalwart™ 2x 12 LED Headlamp With Adjustable Strap, 2/Pack
Add to cart Stalwart LED Worklight With Magnet Back
Add to cart Designers Edge L1682 Array 46-Watt LED Twin Head Telescoping Tripod Work Light
Add to cart Polar/Solar® Plastic Coated Metal Guard Portable Trouble Light, 150 W Incandescent Bulb, 125 VAC (172-05658)
Add to cart Designers Edge E216 16/3-Gauge 20-Foot Plastic Retractable Cord Reel with Hand Held Incandescent Work Light, Yellow
Add to cart Whetstone 26-Bulb LED Super Bright Flashlight/Worklight
Add to cart Designers Edge L845 250-Watt Portable Halogen Clamp Light