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Adir Pro GPS Rover Rod, 2m, 2 Piece Red 751-10 (751-10)
Item #2676853
Model #751-10
  • 5/8 x 11 mounting thread
  • 40-minute bubble vial
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Bracketron Universal GPS Nav-Mat III
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Item #936343
Model #UFM-340-BL
  • Easily view and access your GPS while driving
  • Contours to your dash on uneven and textured surfaces
GPS mounts keep your device within reach and sight while driving. From options that mount with a suction cup to those that rely on friction, Staples carries a variety of models that hold GPS units securely in place while you drive.

Choosing the Right GPS Mounts
Mounts hold GPS units in different ways, ensuring a tight, secure fit. Universal models feature expanding arms that fit around models of various sizes. Other options have removable plates that attach directly to the unit, making it simple to remove both the mount and device when it isn't needed. Model-specific mounts only work with certain units, which means you'll need a different mount if you get a new device. Some options use adhesives and nonslip components to hold the unit, so installation is tool-free.

GPS Holders Offer Flexibility
The number of mount styles available for GPS units lets users choose from a variety of options. Suction cup models adhere to the windshield and keep the unit within the driver's line of sight. Friction GPS car mounts feature rubber pads that keep the unit in place without relying on adhesives or screws. These models provide optimal visibility by letting the user position the unit to ensure a clear view of the road.

Mounts that attach to the car's air vents keep the unit within the driver's sight line without obstructing the view of the road. There are also cup holder mounts that keep the unit off of the dash entirely. Console mounts attach permanently, making them ideal for units that are used in a single vehicle.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing a Suction Cup GPS Holder?
Holders that attach to the windshield with suction cups let the user remove the unit whenever it isn't needed. These models keep the unit directly in the driver's view, eliminating the need to look away from the road while driving. In some states, it's illegal to drive with a GPS mounted on the windshield. Check your state's laws before selecting a mount.

Is an Articulating Arm Necessary?
Many GPS mounts feature articulating arms that let the user position the unit. These options make it simple to move the device into a position that doesn't block the driver's sight yet still provides optimal viewing. Articulating arms on cup holder and air vent mounts improve visibility by raising the unit higher so the driver doesn't need to look down for viewing. Consider an option that includes an arm for a GPS unit and one for a cell phone for increased flexibility.

Are Adhesive GPS Holders a Good Choice?
Products that attach to the dash or console with adhesive provide a secure hold that keeps the GPS unit stationary. Adhesive mounts are ideal for drivers who use units in only one vehicle, as they can't be removed and reattached. These options use heavy-duty adhesives for a long-lasting hold, but they may leave a discolored area on the dash after removal. Consider adhesive dashboard models in states where windshield mounts aren't permitted.