Garden & Nursery

Keep your landscaping healthy and well maintained using garden and nursery products that provide the right tools and organic materials. Bring new gardens to life on a grand or intimate scale. Fight back against rodents and insects with a wide range of products, including organic and natural options.

Plant Your Garden
Easy-to-maneuver wheelbarrows and lawn carts designed to be tip resistant and sturdy help you move supplies around your garden, and composting bins and supplies help you enrich your soil while minimizing waste. While you're planting, protect yourself or your employees from scratches and stains with professional-quality gardening gloves, aprons, and rubber boots. Handsome planters and plant stands let you bring the beauty of the outdoors right into your office or home, so you can maintain a connection with nature when working with limited outdoor space.

Maintain Landscaping
Plan for the next season's lawn and landscaping with broadcast spreaders, drop spreaders, and dust applicator fertilizer spreaders. Choose just the right fertilizers for your landscaping or vegetable garden, and pick up bags of soil and mulch to give your garden a head start toward health. Get the hoes or other cultivators and tillers you need for planting and weeding, and choose other lawn and garden tools such as pruning shears, edgers, trowels, and rakes for specialized jobs.

Prevent Rodents and Weeds
Attack weeds head-on with targeted weed killers, or choose a more natural route by placing weed barrier fabric in areas where you don't dare risk spraying or scattering poison. Organic, biosafe fungicides keep mosses from taking over your garden or outdoor buildings. Fight back against damage from insects, rodents, and other animals by employing traps, deterrents, foggers, and bait that keep you from direct contact with pests.