Gardening Gloves & Apparel

Find gardening apparel to protect your skin and clothes while you plant flowers, prune shrubs, and eliminate pests. Products made from durable fabrics last for years, making them a great investment. Choose items from Anchor Brand, Stanco, and other notable names in the gardening industry.

Prevent Injuries
Without the right apparel, it's very easy to sustain cuts and other injuries when you work with plants. Protect your skin by wearing heavy-duty gloves while mowing lawns, mulching flower beds, and dealing with plants that have sharp thorns. Gloves also prevent fungi, bacteria, and other harmful organisms from coming into contact with your bare skin.

Avoid Stains
Protect your clothing from stains by wearing a gardening apron every time you work with soil or flowers. A leather or cotton sateen apron also prevents weed killers and other garden chemicals from coming into contact with your shirts and pants. Attach a tool holster to your apron to ensure you always have the right tool for the job.

Stay Comfortable
Keep your feet dry and warm by wearing rubber boots every time you work with mulch, soil, or garden hoses. Over-the-shoe boots provide an extra layer of protection when you work on rainy days. Boots are available in a wide range of sizes to ensure your comfort.

Reduce Expenses
Make your landscaping business profitable by furnishing employees with the protective clothing they need to prevent injuries on the job. Spending a little money on protective clothing is much less expensive than paying for an employee's medical expenses following a serious injury. Preventing injuries also helps keep business insurance costs in check.