Garden Structures

Grow your own herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowers with garden structures that display and protect a variety of plants. These time-saving accessories help create a setting that draws visitors. Choose from decorative arbors and practical garden boxes to embellish the landscape of any location.

Beautiful Designs
A beautifully landscaped property ensures guests want to visit it again and again. Add attractive garden structures to create a lovely outdoor space where guests can walk and talk while they enjoy the picturesque setting. Combine arbors and other structures with climbing plants to craft protective shade coverings where guests can stop to cool off.

Protective Enclosures
Strategically place garden structures around your plants to protect them from the birds, squirrels, rabbits, and deer that are naturally attracted to your greenery. Garden netting and greenhouses keep annoying pests away from blossoming plants, letting you and your guests enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Functional Organization
Damaged and drooping plants detract from your property's appearance, but these garden structures keep vegetation looking neat with little effort from you. Use stakes to support heavy sunflower or tomato stalks, and train climbing roses along a fence with plant-safe ties. Mats and saucers keep container plants from staining your decks, and weed blockers reduce the amount of time you need to spend keeping the garden beds clean.

Portable Features
Take advantage of small spaces by using garden structures to create a growing area anywhere on your property. Garden boxes are filled with bagged dirt, so you can place them in an area that receives the most sunlight, even if the ground soil is poor.