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Track student progress, attendance, and scores as well as required curricula standards with grade books designed to make these tasks easier. Opt for a style that's just for records, or choose a grade book lesson planner combination to keep everything within easy reach. Use your grade book to back up electronic systems against the day when the system gets the inevitable glitch.

Grade Books Are Structured to Hold Up to Heavy Usage
Most lesson planners are spiral-bound, which reduces torn and misplaced pages. Sturdy covers hold up to extensive daily use for the entire school year; some covers are made of vinyl for even more durability. The convenient 11 x 8.5 inch size makes it simple to tuck your grade book into a desk drawer, tote bag, or briefcase for protection from spills, dust, and other possible damage.

Grade Books Are Designed for Convenience
Many units have large blocks to make recording scores or tracking progress with your favorite pen an easy task. Some add shading to alternating rows for less eyestrain while you're locating and reading records. Others offer three rows per student so you can record attendance, progress, and grades on the same page. Certain models come with perforated pages so you can write or paste in the class roster once and use it across multiple pages and class subjects.

Grade Books Include More Than Grade Records
In addition to grades and attendance blocks, many styles of books include a section to track which state or national standards you have taught and assessed, a communications log, behavior and observation logs, and a place to keep parent contact notes. Others also include useful form templates, grade finders, and percentage charts for quick score conversions. Select units even have space for listing special duties and include supplementary data sheets. Grade books combined with lesson planners keep everything together while saving desk space, making them the perfect addition to any school supplies or teacher supplies list.

What Is the Convenience of a Hard-Copy Grade Book?
While online grade books allow parents and students to access grades easily, a hard copy record book means a teacher always has access to records, either for inputting scores or for sharing them, without delays that may be caused by technical issues. You can also quickly answer parents' questions when you encounter them outside your classroom by simply opening your paper grade book.

How Are Grade Books Divided for School Years?
Many grade record books include space for 36 to 40 weeks, usually in six grading periods of six weeks each. Some offer the option of grading periods that are 8 or 10 weeks each. These options ensure you can purchase the correct books for your specific school calendar.

What Writing Implements Work With Paper Grade Books?
Most ballpoint and gel pens work well with these record books. Generally, if ink bleeds through copy paper, it could be an issue in your book, so markers may not be a good choice. Different colored pens and pencils allow you to code grades by assignment type or whatever system suits your preferences. Correction fluid also works in grade books.
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