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Coffee is an essential item for many homes and offices, providing a much-needed boost in energy throughout the day. Green Mountain Coffee uses 100 percent Arabica beans, many of which are Fair Trade certified. Shoppers at Staples will find a wide selection of K-cups and flavors including fruity, nutty and savory options, for a variety of brewing methods.

Choose from Several Flavors to Suit Your Palate
Green Mountain has 18 regular flavors that enhance the flavor of the bean in the roasting process. Flavored varieties include popular options such as hazelnut, wild mountain blueberry and caramel vanilla cream. If you're looking for more in-depth flavors, consider the coffee house blends that include cappuccino, vanilla latte and more complex notes in the salted caramel macchiato blend. They incorporate more elements including milk, salt, and sugar.

Those who prefer organic coffee pods will find several to choose from, including Ethiopia Yergacheffe which blends together ginger and citrus notes. Stronger options include the Sumatra Aceh which is a dark-bodied coffee with fig and chocolate notes. When the holidays roll around, you can add to the cheer with one of the specialty blends. Island Coconut and Summer Sunrise are lighter blends for the summer while Pumpkin Spice complements fall treats. During the winter, gingerbread and spicy eggnog flavors make good Christmas options. All flavors, including Green Mountain organic coffee options, are available throughout the entire year.

Brew Mild or Strong Coffee with a Wide Selection of Roasts
Green Mountain Coffee comes in a variety of styles including light, medium and dark roasts with varying levels of boldness to suit individual preferences. Light roasts boast a bright and bold flavor for those who simply enjoy the taste, while the dark roasts have a full-bodied taste with an extra boost. Blends come in regular caffeinated, half-caff for less buzz and decaf for those who prefer to avoid caffeine.

If you're buying coffee for the home, 12-ounce bags of ground or whole bean provides enough for multiple cups or pots. For busy offices and breakrooms where brewing is a constant, consider individual packs that contain pre-measured coffee grounds. This makes it easy to put on one or more pots of coffee without grinding beans, measuring and scooping into the filter, and they provide consistent taste every time. They come in regular, flavored and decaf blends in cartons of 50 or 100 packets to keep an adequate stock on hand.

Use Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups to Brew Quick Cups in the Home and Office
Green Mountain Coffee is also available in Iced K-Cups for various Keurig machines that let users brew a single cup or an entire carafe at once, without having to measure out grounds. Shoppers will find the same selection of flavors, with select units in a recyclable package that suits the eco-conscious drinker. Both K-Cups and VUE pods offer the same versatility in brewing a cup or pot in just a few minutes. Advanced technology in the machines means no more waiting for water to heat up. They come in a variety of box sizes ranging from 8 to 96 count for small offices with a few employees or large corporations with multiple departments. Staples also carries a wide selection of coffee makers to review.