Shelter your income-producing plants from harsh temperatures and predators when you place them in greenhouses. Portable greenhouses are ideal for small nurseries, hobby farms, and commercial properties. These structures and accessories save you the time and money you lose on damaged plants.

Extend Your Growing Season
Get a jump on the growing season for your area by placing plants in greenhouses that protect tender seedlings from wind and frost. Safely starting your plants a couple of weeks earlier than usual lets you take full advantage of favorable weather, giving you a larger, more profitable crop. Move plants inside the greenhouse near the end of the season to give stragglers more time to finish blooming.

Shield Plants From Predators
Birds and animals love your plants as much as you do, so protect your delicate blooms from natural predators by placing fruits, vegetables, and flowers inside greenhouses. Choose stationary greenhouses with shelves for container plants, or add a movable row cover over a group of plants to give new blossoms a chance to develop.

Keep Your Tools Handy
Greenhouses keep out rain and debris, which protects your tools as well as your plants. Store aerators, irrigators, and trowels inside the greenhouse for quick access to the implements that make your gardening job easier. Portable for Easy Transport These greenhouses are lightweight and easy to move, allowing you to place them anywhere on your property. Relocate the greenhouses as the seasons change to avoid shadows and take advantage of full sunlight. Get the most out of your investment by taking these portable greenhouses with you when you move to a new location.