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HP Card Readers & Adapters

HP® adapters for serial-attached SCSI (SAS) data-transfer protocols are circuit-board cards that insert into a computer’s internal peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe) port. They enable the computer to offer serial expansion for connecting to one or more peripheral devices. The adapters provide independent peripheral-device input-output processing beyond the main CPU, serving as a host bus adapter (HBA) within the client-server network, primarily for data storage and retrieval, with connectivity to hard drives, tape drives, or RAID arrays. HP HBAs enable small businesses and company work groups to expand their networking performance by taking the storage and retrieval burden off central CPUs.

HP Adapters for SAS Interface Provide Speed and Versatility
The SAS interface is an industry-standard storage protocol. The HP HBAs that work with it feature eight external SAS ports consisting of two 4-channel external connectors that support either 12 gigabits or 6 gigabits per second of bandwidth per individual channel for peripheral drives hosted by either the SAS protocol or the more consumer-oriented serial ATA (SATA) interface. Data transfer speed extends up to 8 giga-transfers (GT) per second for a PCIe 3.0 host interface and up to 5 GTs for a PCIe 2.0.

Some adapters work in either HBA mode or in RAID mode, combining multiple disk-drive components into a single unit to provide data redundancy for data security reasons or to improve processing performance. Some have internal ports for permanent drive configurations, while others work with fiber-channel data-transfer protocols, which offer a higher transfer speed than the SAS protocol but are more appropriate in large-scale commercial settings.

SAS-Protocol HP Adapters Have a Dynamic Architecture
The adapters are designed to work with modular HP StorageWorks smart-array systems that scale to meet the evolving storage needs of a work group or small business. The system consists of disk-drive enclosures that include 3.5-inch SAS or SATA hard drives in unit arrangements offering multiple data-transfer channels to and from servers with an independent, dual-domain controller. The multiple channel configurations eliminate points of failure in the storage network. HP HBAs can be optimized to work with up to 96 SAS or SATA drives in an 8-unit enclosure working with the independent controller.

Do HP Adapters Have Independent Storage Alternatives?
The adapters accept their own disk enclosures to provide additional computer storage for separate devices like video game systems or digital multimedia recorders. The enclosures also offer physical protection for SAS or SATA hard drives, and they allow cross-communication between networked computers and network-independent computers. They can serve as a reliable and removable backup storage unit as well, and provide RAID functionality for computers that are not equipped with RAID controllers.

What Other Storage Systems Are Compatible with HP Adapters?
The adapters can be cross-linked with HPE® MSA 2040 bundled storage systems into an entire storage area network (SAN) with pooled storage capability connecting to multiple servers. These systems extend the capabilities of HP HBAs by capturing technology that includes solid-state drives, self-encrypting hard drives, and snap and volume copy that maintains constant backup copies of files and volumes. The cross-compatibility between the adapters and bundled storage system supports the virtualization of multiple storage devices under a central umbrella.

What Is the Server Infrastructure for HP Adapters?
The adapters are designed to work with HPE ProLiant servers, which provide a central infrastructure for simplifying and automating processing functionality across servers, storage, and networking. The servers offer multi-core, multiple processor support, with large-capacity memory and HPE SmartMemory technology that minimizes downtime, maximizes error-handling, and enhances power efficiency.
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HP® Universal USB RF Proximity Card Reader (X3D03A)
Item: IM14L0389 / Model : X3D03A
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  • Proximity card reader reads 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz frequencies simultaneously
  • Frequency: 125 KHz/13.56 MHz
  • Interface: USB
181.49 $181.49
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HP 15-in-1 USB2/3 3.5 Media Card Reader
Item: IM1VS4323 / Model : G1S79AA
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  • Host Interface: USB 3.0
  • Memory Card Supported: Memory Stick, SD, MultiMediaCard (MMC)
  • Number of Memory Card Types Supported: 15-in-1
57.49 $57.49